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July 30th

Cassie was suppose to come visit me today.  It was suppose to be our first time together.  Now…how ironic.  I’ve been pretty depressed the last 2 days.  She says it has nothing to do with me. Somehow  I Dont feel like she’s being honest.  Shes always telling me about how I need to be open about how I feel, but she never shares with me about what she feels until its too late. I always worry about her even when shes gone.  She consumes my mind, but I can’t tell her everything.  Its overwhelming for the both of us.  I hope she ok.  I just want her to be happy.

I met her a few weeks ago for “COMICON.”  It costed me a shit load of money to stay there that week because of the event.  Prices were super inflated.  Im still glad I went though.   I wish I could relive that day again.  I wish I had something concrete to remember that day.  Like a picture with her.  She was so shy.  It confused me. 


On my way to see cassie