You’re Perfect

Cassie Campos,  you’re always in my head.    It makes me want to cry sometimes because I want you here with me so bad.  I want so bad to tell you how so much you mean to me.  You’re to me more than just a friend.  I’m hopelessly in love with you.  Every night I picture myself asking you to be my lady.  When it starts rolling out my tongue,  I turn into a coward.  My tail between my legs.  More so than rejection, I’m afraid I’d lose you.  I’m afraid because you’re more than special to me.  You’re my heart that won’t stop beating. 

Im kind of sad now that shes no longer coming to see me.  I kind of knew it was too good to be true.  Deep down though  I really wanted this and thought it might really be happening. That maybe we will finally get to be together. The thought of her willing to come up here just to see me made me happy, yet extemely nervous.
I understand that its difficult, but I wish she’d just take that chance for me.  It would show how much she cared about me.  It would be one of the happiest day of my life if not.

On Wednesday we talked on webcam for the first time. I was so incredibly nervous.   I wanted her to like me so bad I almost had a panic attack but in the end it was   She was the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. I couldnt stop staring. My heart wouldnt stop pounding.  Her smile was so beautiful and charming it made me smile. It had magical powers. I love everything about this girl. I don’want to give her up to anyone. I cant get enough of her.  Shes so sweet.  There are no faults in her.

Im at the point where I just want to come see her.   Drive that 10 hours  on the empty road alone, just to be with her.  If she loves me back it will all be worth it.  Either way I just want to be with her and love her forever and hope just maybe she too would love me forever too. Dont leave me there alone by myself to think of you.

I just hope if I came to see her, that she would stay with me every nite until I leave. Or….follow me home lol. I want to lay next to her and just get lost in those beautiful green eyes, watch her curl her lips and smile, listen to her whisper, softly talk to me as she falls asleep like we do each night. Hold her hands and tell her how amazing she is. I dont care where we go or what we do, I just want to spend all my time with her, hold her hand walking down the streets and show the world how much I love this girl. Cassie Campos, youre the perfect girl for me. I hope one day we meet if not soon. And I hope youd be my sugar pie.


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