We kept this cold

Listen to it, this landscape’s so beautiful
The stars so loud
Calm Cricket chirps make me whole
I can’t break these thoughts.

We were  both loners in our little place
Now she’s got someone and I’ve got faith
That she’ll find me at the end.
I’ve got this stick
Ink at the end,
writing a few  lines
who you are to me
A pretty girl in my room
Laying here some nights
Noses together,
Our voices touching

Galaxy Green  Gaze,
Help me, I’m collected in theses explosion of stars
take me to you, we’re separated
I’m chasing the milkyway,
Its the only way now
I can take in your eyes,

The fading in your voice
The Sound before you sleep
I remember rain fell all night
The crashing on glass
Laying here some nights

Brought me closer to
The song in your shaking voice
Your Pas de Basque sang
Vanilla sky in my head
overflows like  rain
my thoughts one thick pile
There is no way it can pool

I hear myself airly crying, your name in my sleep
Listen to me, I wish you could hear me
Close our eyes so
Wake me morning sunny Belle
Say bye to me,
So I can leave, and come home to you
Come home to
see you, the first time today
come home to starry eyes
Darling dainty, voice
You’re who I want to hear
to take me home
and repeat
today, tomorrow
I’m remain on sand,
Espy Pretty Sea,
You’ll always be
The heart that moves in me
You’re here
but why?
For you,
I’m writing a poem of missing
A poem you’ll never see.


A Great Big World – “Say Something”


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