This has nothing to do with Burning Man.(Maybe just a little)


Yesterday I met this girl at work whom I thought looked a lot like Katherine Harris without the big booty.  She was really cute and into PreMed.  She  later on that nite openly admitted she was lazy and spoiled.  She hung out with me in my office for about 3 hours just hanging out and talking.  She kept making racist comments about asians which I thought was funny.  Asked me how come I don’t got a bowl haircut or wear a red shirt. I didn’t know asian dudes like wearing red shirts!  But guilty as charge, I do have a few red shirts hidden inside my closet.  She won’t know about it for now. 😉  Well she gave me her number and msn screen name.  When I got home that nite, we talked for another 3-4 hours.  It didn’t seem that long at all.  Probably could have stayed longer but I told her I had to sleep at 2 so we both went to bed.  She said she’d lay in bed, squirm a little and MAYBE sleep 2 hours later.  I thought she was wonderful, but I’m not going to be typing the whole back and fourth here.

This morning though, I woke up a bit irritated because my alarm clock woke up for work.  I had such an awesome dream.  That nite we were talking about how her parents won’t let her move out of the house because she’s been owned by a Car and College tuition whom her parents are paying for.  In the dream, she lived alone.  Well kind of.  Her parents apparently owned a middle class italian resturant.  She lived above on the second floor of the resturant.  That’s kind of wierd.  We went and hung out, she invited me for pasta.  After pasta, for some odd reason we went snow sledding…..in the parking lot.  A parking lot with no snow.  We just laid on the sled pushing and pulling each other until her dad, uncle, the cooks walked out to throw away the trash.  Yeah if that’s not wierd, then right on.  I don’t really remember all too much, but it was my turn to take her out the next day.

I had no idea what to do that was out of the ordinary or typical.  I said, “How about Burning Man?”  “What’s that? She said.   I showed her videos of the crazy hippies with their crazy desert cars and she immediately said, “LETS GO!”  We didn’t go though, we hung out somemore at some place.  I can’t remember the rest of the dream, but today is a new day.  She told me she was gonig to sleep in til 11 and hope no one bugs her lazy ass. 😉

Now I gotta cool chick to hangout with.  Her name’s Terri.



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