That Little Corner

My dog just died. 😦

He was just up in my room biting my feet playing with me as I lightly kicked him around and rubbed his belly. He bit me kind of hard so I yelled at him.  He ran down stairs while I continued doing my homework.  Half an hour later, I went down looking for him  to give him a bath.  I kept looking around for him.  Went outside screaming his name, “SMOKEY!”  I went in the front, I checked under the sofa, under the bed, in every room.  No response.

I went outside and looked in the pond.  I saw him him floating above the surface.  I panicked, grabbed him out real quick, rushed him in the house and gave him CPR.  My parents grabbed out the blow dryer, we tried to resuscitate him.  I started seeing pink liquid coming out of his mouth.  He was bleeding internally and his legs got stiff.  I stood there, my eyes were red and kinda wet, reallizing that he is dead.

My dad wanted to throw him in the trash and that made me sad and I kind of started crying inside a bit.  I thought that was very rude and evil.  He noticed how I was feeling so we decided to take Smokey to the Humane Society to give him a proper burial. 

I loved Smokey because no one did. He’s a pretty bad dog, he doesn’t know how to listen.  It was my uncle’s dog, he gave it to my sister, my sister didn’t like him so my dad took him.  My parents got frustrated with him and wanted to give him away.  I told them to keep it and that he just needed to be taught, he’s not a dumb dog.  So, we had him for awhile, he kept shitting and pissing in the house.  He was a really hard dog to potty train and we were finally making progress now that he stopped pissing and shitting in the house.   

Everyday when I come home from work, he’d run up to me and I’d play with him for a bit before I’d tell him to go away.  Last night I was talking about him with my mom and we laughed because he was trying to listen to us from inside his potty training area.  Today when I got home from work, I saw him running around playing with his biting toy. He tossed it around back and fourth and chased after it.  When he saw me, he ran back inside through his doggy door and waited for me to let him out.  I let him out and he got really excited and ran across the house frantically.  Now I keep thinking of it over and over.  I can’t get the picture of him floating in the pond lifeless out of my head.  It keeps popping in my head. It was a bit traumatizing.  I hope he’s in a better  place and really wish I had given him away instead.  It’s so depressing.  It sucks going down stair and seeing that little corner.


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