It’s all still the same they say,
The creaking old lift groaning a bit louder,
A new shade of pale now hangs on the walls,
You are just a phone call away,

Things don’t change here they say,
The windsheild is yet cracked; no one’s had that fixed,
But his leash is still intact cause the dog’s running slower,
It’s only a few more years away,

Everyone’s still here they say,
Friends all the same still working and partying,
New ones with old ones; it’s all a big mix,
But it’s only cause you are away,

We are all fine they say,
But mama forgets more and gets out less,
Her phonecalls are shorter and her emails too,
She’s tired but you’ll be home soon,

We are always here they say,
But you’re greyer than before and calmer as well,
And I am scared to stay too long before,
My soul, my home is changed anymore.



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