I remember

I remember sovereignty
Above the blue where slowly through the clouds follow
Chasing slowly, no rush no haste, just random one by one
Marshmallow lions, cotton alligators and giant presidents face implodes
like every phase of a brand new fun

I remember everything in lumbering pace
A photo book set in sephia tone and LA Noir
The quiet commute of cars
The browns with quiet laughing sounds
Warm and smiles hung up like
Teeth of a happy mother rocking her newborn
tired and stil dressed in her hospital bed
The quiet of dark and mystery

I remember staring out the window
On a hot summer’s day
Bored to be free, bored to have choices, bored with nothing to do
Stuck like masking tape to skin on a leather sofa
Just watching teen love walk by with their hands held as they walk side by side
The cool kids with their crew
The young boy with his ball
passing by staring back as they continue on the sidewalk
Slow shadows kept walking, I kept sticking around pondering to cease this long day’s stall
On my creamy white leather sofa
who’s only sound is as lazy as I was

I remember boredom and slow
Of the long days that no longer exist
No hectics and woes
Simple fond memories of the old life and old shows



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