You can never leave home

Can you truly leave home?
Is there a reason that former trials trail and pack themselves?
They camp and wait
And they find you the same as they went with you
They became because they belong –
With you

Home is in you, blending and blended,
Where the heart hangs its quarters
It is in the arches of your feet and the curl of your lashes,
The vesicles of past life lived and life to be lived
Begetting the walls of the inner sanctum,
The walls of home stand straight and tall,
Yet lay and lie, push and pull,
To find their way back to surround you

There are no new places,
Nothing new under the sun
Even the stars are like the raindrops,
Some fall, several evaporate
And there are no new homes,
Only old homes and new people,
New people in old homes

Posted are the notes,
Notes like moths,
That Endure thru the night,
That conjure forth antennae,
That detect and retrieve light
Of memories not remembered
Become as dreams
As dreams become new memories
They find you

In life it is not where you’ve been,
But where you are going
And what matters more yet is that
Home is not where you are

Why are you truly leaving?
Where can you go when life expires?
Who can chase away the nursing homes and the petite days to be left?

Can you leave away?
Can you begin anew?
You can,
But you cannot leave home
Home is you.
– Andyman


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