Goodnite Baby Arugula


When the day is done and the moon is bright
All the Vegetables go to bed
the tomatoes and potatoes tuck themselves in
and Leafy lettuce rests his head

Goodnight Baby Arugula
and Baby Bok Choy too
Beddy-Bye dear Sugar Beets
From Peru to Kalamazoo

Good slumber brother cucumber
Sweet dreams Pumpkins and Corn
Sleep to grow big and strong
and wake another morn’

Dream your vitamin dreams, ABC & D
Your leaves they should not droop
sliced and diced or boiled and fried
I’ll see you my soup. 


One response to “Goodnite Baby Arugula”

  1. ladygloom says :

    LMAO Freaking awesome man! This is Mish btw

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