Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

I’m a dweeb for writing this because of an anime. 🙂  I guess its this time of year again.  Cold, windy, flu, and a trend of depression tends to happen around this time.  I have been watching this anime my friend recommended to me.  He said I might like it because it reminds him of me and Amy  She was a lot taller than me and I shorter than her.  Still we loved each other.   “Lovely Complex” is about a tall girl who falls in love with a shorter guy.  They start off as friends at first, but then Koizumi, the main character lead falls for Otani, the male character lead.  Almost every thing in this anime was reminiscent of how me and Amy were.  Amy asked me out after we hung out for awhile in school.  It was hard at first for me to fall for her because of how tall she is.  I felt kind of ashamed of myself I guess, but everything about her just stole my heart.  It was just like that in the anime, which kind of scared me.  I “hmmm’ed” and fell in love with the anime.  Now I’m nearing the end of it and things to get kind of wierd for me.  Last night I dreampt of Amy and woke up with my heart pounding.  I thought I was completely over her, but my heart still hurts. 

I wonder sometimes, if these directors experience this in life themselves, to be able to write out something that hits so close to home.



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