Going Brainless


I was looking through myspace of friends and old classmates.  It made me depressed.  Everyone has accomplished something.  They’re all done with school, found something cool beyond it.  Me, I’m sitting here wondering, “What have I accomplished?”  Not being able to conjur up anything right now, I’ve come to realize that nothing has been done.  On top of that, I think I’m getting even dumber by the day.  I feel like I have brain cancer, I can’t think right anymore.  I have a hard time finishing a sentence now also.  What’s going on here?  Envy will be the end of me one day.  Looking through Huy’s myspace, it appears to me that the guy is still doing what I’ve always loved.  He goes hiking, he’s dirt bike and best of all, the guy still kick box.  Man, I’m becoming brainless.  When I’m done with college, I better get a job!


One response to “Going Brainless”

  1. oink2655 says :

    Fool! U don’t have brain cancer its just old age. Maybe early stages of Alzheimer = P

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