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I have to say, I really really love the Sin City’s DVD authoring.  It’s plain beautiful and definately the best I’ve ever seen by far.  I can’t stop looking at this beginning sequence, it’s too amazing.  I love this movie.  The style is the bestest best thing in the world.  Did I say how much I love the intro??  Yeah I do, and the movie rules!

This DVD is a masterpiece.


A Childs World

A Childs World

Today I went walking
Silent but still, fell the foot steps
Of this little girl
On her way to see the king
The king of the lost little world

And the ants came out to play in
The fields of clover as we sang
To the little lost king of the little lost word

The juke box rang as we tried to fly
As we tried to sing
As we tried to fling a mind
in the little mindless world
And the little girl ran away
To a little known place
In the middle of no where
Where we all sit and dance
So brave
And the little ants march to the same tune
As he sat on the skirt of the little girl
And asked her
Why why why why
Did the little king die
The little king
Of the little world
In the middle of no where
And she just

That Girl

That Girl

I remember the first time I passed her by,
And I paused for a brief moment
Nerves shaken as I turned around
Our eyes met, I didn’t speak
Remember to breath
She smiled and a decent calm came over me
I was in love
To my surprise I said theses words
“Are you free tonight?”

We walked along her hand in mine
“Relax” she said
I did my best to hide it
She then gave me a gift to keep,
All the worlds filth
And now she was mine and I held her
We danced the dance many times
Until my strength was gone
And she rose up and had to go
I asked her to stay
But I was broke
She walked away and out of my life
We were strangers again




I remember days of old
Though not so long ago they reside
Chill winds and winters cold
The sky the limit, no need to hide
No worries for the future, along for the ride
Visiting the outer reaches of space
My friends and I sang at our own pace

I remember yearning and anticipation
The future arriving at just the right moment
Life beyond notebook walls, stimulation
The sky the limit, time to own it
Fresh days looming, my mind was sent
To a world with ambition
Broken free from simple tradition




Long, white corridors
Sterile, silent,
Ceilings dripping with tears

I violently awaken at dawn
Having dreamt of newborn babies,
One able, sleepless body
trying to keep an entire bed warm

Whispers in the night
To an unknown friend,
Like a light spring rain shower
Its droplets heavy
with the day’s green anticipation,
Landing uncertainly
While the certain red eye rises,
The first bombshells of self pity
have just begun to fall

Remembering what it was like
Before the world took an abrupt u-turn
Is as difficult as it is to breathe.


Green with envy

Green With Envy

Texture dictates the ripeness of my readiness.

I grow to nurture and enrich I will.

The essence of my inside is that of nature’s pill.

Fulfillment of the fullest.

After consumption I am one.


Break Free 

My final poem for the semester.

I remember provincetown,
and the champagne color
of the rays that feathered inside
and blushed her face a faint yet velvet amber.

and I was so scared to want freedom 
I could see myself running,
breaking free.

but i couldn’t quite let myself go, 
I couldn’t capture the luster of the world

she, with dainty hands pressed hard at ten and two,
gaze fixed and glazed forward,
while mingled words and jumbled melodies
dawning from the dash.

and I with my feet resting,
kicked-off sandals stashed beneath me.
lost songs, revived smiles . . .
and the call, that call
of endless yellow lines before us.

and I was so scared to want freedom 
I could see myself running,
breaking free.

and all along the cape highway,
trees –
fed by sand and
pressed hard by brilliant light –
diminishing to scrub pines.
houses tapered too
the air widened,
spread flat.
blue grew bluer,

on my mind the
they travel this very route
to its very end,
they congregate to wait
in the final town,
where they take pictures,
make music,
and plan for the trip

but I couldn’t quite let myself go, 
I couldn’t capture the luster of this world

while we who might belong,
who are tied to this earth,
returned through rising trees
and dwindling horizons
and slept in safer compressions.

those cast-offs at the edge
still whisper in dilated darkness
the songs of what lies


Heroes come and go, but villains are forever.

-John Carpenter