Gloves on Corner Closet Door


Gloves on Corner Closet Door

Here’s the story of a fallen foe 

And about the endurance he forever stole
Gone it brings to back, fighting lull

I was the villain, he was the hero.
He feeds a family on checks and fed up lung(s).
Nines and Tens and never zero
On score board cards I feed off punches swung

Knocked to black, coursed and painted broken blue
Shaken violent quickly diminish
Stand there quiet all too new
Convulsion be his finish,

Head to toe standing stead
Dressed in bruise and raining red

Won the fight but lost the game
Shattered fist and shattered souls
Subdue my heart, perennial blame
And this is how the feeling goes?.

He bleed the floor, I bleed the mind
Disheartened and destroyed
For rage I pay the fine
Courage destroyed in toto polaroid

My eyes no fight I feel the heart in darkened two toned color
Rest my glove, it cries on corner closet door




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