To let a stumble, trip or fall,
Slow you down, not at all,
But still, for a moment Cry,
And let the moment pass you by.

To ask for Help, in doing plays,
In making fun, and filling Days,
With Imagination, clear
Of clouded dreams, and worthless fear.

To know that Laughter is a need,
As strong as all who do not Heed,
Its call to free the Darkened mind,
And have only Power to deride.

To hold a Hand, and shuffle Feet,
Shyly, to each one you meet,
And tell in every single face,
Which one is touched by Happy Grace.

To Comfort, without knowing so,
The one whose life has come so low,
And with them, in simple rhyme
Say, twas only Right to pass the Time.

To see that akward sober side,
That Truth from which you cannot Hide,
Innocence, tis true, is not,
The Fate of the faithless lot.

To Lean on a window sill,
Having always Time to kill,
And Think, in rosy prose,
All the facts that no one Knows,

To Watch the corn, and other Green,
and wonder, Why does it seem
to get bigger every day,
When I am always Small this way?

To be Content to reach above,
Your head, for those you love,
Yet always Hoping, however slow,
Whom you Love, will help you grow.




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