Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Moon, you sadistic story teller.
You come each night, shower it upon my frown, your only color.
Why come each night with such displeasure?
Let me sheath in dark and death, leave me be you midnight dweller.

The gloves on my wall, you look so dethroned, so out of breath, so unprofound,
You’ve been given legs, given wrathful soul, lead a body to its concluding hour
Loathe the drying blood and bullet sweats, the lapse of every round,
Tired, weak, very visible, I see it from high above, see it from this very tower.

Forget the blinding lights, the hurt and bruise, tonight and every night I’ll be your binding light, I’ll be the black and blue.

Ambient eyes these are, I’ll light, appease and see you drown.
Be shamed and hopeless, be consumed in black and blue.
Ignoble and be conquered, like royalty with a broken crown.

You’ve been humbled, destroyed and nearly floored.
Color of defeat, you’re the color of black and blue.
Stay there quietly suit your grave, you’re forever shunned and peaced.




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