Another Nothing to Lise Title

Another Nothing to Lose Title

By Andyman


The dark of smoldering clouds consumed of fear transcends across an augural dull moon, crying bullets of rain. It bounces on concrete like broken glass, shattering in a hundred wrecks. He sits atop a graying building, above a wet uncertain ledge, looking down at a local theater. A cesspool he believes. Staring from his pale narcoleptic eyes, he watches heartless, like ants, random heads of random strangers. Sodden wet and misty figured, his shining black hair bleeds liquid fear adrift. He sits with festering thoughts. “Is it wrong to fear? This feeling, it disquiets my nerves without an end to the utmost. The anxiety eats me up inside the more I see you smile. You hurt me so, you need to stop, I fear for you.”


Luminous white under darkened sky and blackened letter heads, below the sign she gracefully turns her body around, swinging her enticing polished wet hair like snail paced drapery poised in air. Traced in rain, she glows like an angel in a halo of pouring rain. Her lips, so soft and pink arched slowly upwards repealing the character “cold” and welcoming “Warm”. Her hazel eyes stare full of spirit, slowly blink once and stared towards another. Another arm, belonging to another man, it reaches over and blankets her body. It squeezes her softly. She rests her head on it’s chest, reaches over and returns her arms like it belonged around his body. It was warm in winter, now it’s cold eternally.

“Samantha, my dear, dear wife. Once you belonged to me, now you belong to a dead man. You triggered unsettling movements to my knees. I sit here trembling, I sit here enraged and in fear of the lost of you. I can no longer fear a beat.” He stairs down precariously with no concern, at the man now his enemy. Watching every movements of this mysterious man, the pulsation of his heart grew more violent one minute after the other. His focus on the two became immortal as he victimizes his quarrel. His eyes broke tension when a sudden scream abruptly noise across the street.

“Heyyyyyyy SAM!!!” One guy in line yelled out, breaking distilled silence above the roof top across the cinema. Quickly acknowledging a voice calling for her, she spotted from a distance, a man. Glaring with one eye, she sees him calmly waving and waves back slowly with hesitance unsure of who it is. The man with her looked back a bit puzzled. In line, the man leans back up against the wall and continued waiting. The mystery man turned back and once again wrapped his arm around Sam.

“Who was that” He looks familiar…? He turns his attention back to Sam. “Sam, who was that Sam? Two men are not enough, now there?s another. What have I become to you?” The rain continued to bullet down. Resenting clouds shifted across the sky. The storm mourned over the crowd?s abstract whispers. Lightning struck and the heavy sound of traffic shrieked as lights turned from green to red, halting cars and evoking traffic. It came down with everything it had. The sky is angry.

“Heyyyy SAM!! What’s up??” The same face sticks out of formation of clammy heads, waving in and out of position anxiously. Finally realizing who it was, Sam yells back in excitement waving frantically, “Heyyy Andyyyy!!” She gestured him to join them up front in the line. The man she was with looked at Andy and smiled. Andy launched right out of place with his arms over his head, resisting the rain, slowly running up front and avoiding the damped sidewalk as he evades from slipping.

“Hey what’s going on you guys?”

“Just trying to hurry up and get inside! The rain is killing us! Who are you here with?”

“No one I’m here by myself.”

“Hey let me introduce you to my dad. Dad this is Andy, he’s a good friend of my husband’s.”

“Nice meeting you son.” He smiles as the wrinkles on his cheeks arch and folds.

“Wow sir you look young!”

Looking up towards the roof top scratching his head, Andy senses an omen. Something is about to happen he feels.

“What’s wrong Andy?” Sam asked in an inquiring, but concerned voice as she looks up towards the building.

“Oh nothing, I thought there was something up there.”

The line starts moving. Everyone walked in. The rain slowly stopped. The clouds disappeared and the sun started to show its face. The traffic light turned green and cars kept moving. He leans forward. A loud sound thundered the street like a giant pumpkin smashing on asphalt. Emergency vehicles sounded the street as civilians panicked tumultuously around the street.

Inside the theatre, everyone took little notice to the sirens as they continued cashing in at the cash register, paying for their buttered pop corns and cherry icee.

“Hey, here’s the first siren for the day Sam.” Andy unenthusiastically says.

“What do you think happened?”

“I don’t know, there are millions of sirens here everyday.”

“Ah, the sound of San Francisco.”


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