Nice summer

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Not a great summer, not a bad summer, just a busy summer, but I did have a pretty good summer none the less.  It’s almost over and you know what?  I’m looking forward to it ending.  I did go on 2 dates with some girl I met at the airport who flew down from Nevada.  It wasn’t bad, but she was only in town for four days.  After that poof….my date flew back home. I did get her number and her yahoo screen name though.  I talked to her a few times on Yahoo, but I don’t go on that thing much, but that’s still  a plus. Yoink!   Also met another chick at the gas station. She was pretty hot.  It was kind of wierd, she just came up to me and asked if I had a gf out of the blues, gave me her number and told me to call her and then asked me for my number, but I didn’t remember it.  I should probably start memorizing it.  Well I never even called her.  Not sure why I didn’t call but I think I was too lazy or something.  It’s too late now though.  Best part of the summer was when my friends came down a few weeks ago to visit.  Everyone said I changed a lot.  I’m not so outgoing anymore.  I guess I lost me somewhere a long time ago. Plus my date tallies and bootie calls have ceased!  I’m a good boy now. Also an idiot now too.  We hung out again last friday a bit until they left and went to go visit relatives.  I got stuck with Sharon and her friend’s which was awesome.  They were friggin hot.. I played basketball with them and showed off my decrepit skills.  Yeah baby.  All these guys went by and just stared at us.  I felt like a pimp. These girls were the types you see working at Hollister or Abercrombie.  I was wondering, isn’t a pimp the same as a slut?  If so, then why do pimps feel good and sluts feel dirty?  Anyhow, today I met this guy from Sacramento.  He’s a 17 year old bum. Literally. But a really great singer.  He gave me a CD, but it doesn’t have any label on it.  This sucks. His name was Mason something…I forgot but it has 2 L’s in the last name.  Maybe one day when he becoms famous, I’ll remember his name.   Back to summer, summer’s almost over.  Jayme invited me again to go camping again on labor day weekend.  I really want to go but I’m stuck with work again. Horrible shit.  I don’t know why she keeps inviting, I keep flaking.  I feel bad about asking her to go to SIGGRAPH and then ended up flaking again.  Ah…..ever since I started working, my life has been boring. BORING! I yearn for an adventure!



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