One less thing

2 More Gray Hair

Well I need to raise about 600 dollars for class next semester or I’d have to drop one again.  I’ve been looking for a second job for a few weeks now and well it’s a lot harder to get a part time job these days than I thought.   I’ve applied at the Dominoes on Snell and one of the Pizaa Hut near by as a delivery driver.  I think that might waste a lot of my gas, but I’d like to give it a try.  I’ve started working out again and well I think I’m feeling a little healthier.  I’ve also been working on the backyard a lot.  I don’t know when it’s going to be done, its piled up and extremely messy all over.  I’ve grown 2 more gray hair, or at least that’s what Binh said.  I can’t look behind my head…so…yeah. I do feel alot more crankier than usual though.  I think I may be getting a little more stressed.  Hope this year blows over soon.  I want a new resolution.  I think I really should have joined the army after all.  I think I’m going to reconsider it,I’ve already taken the tests for it, so if thing’s get a bit more complicating I might just do it for awhile.

Maybe next year I will focus on just one thing instead of a billion things and well…just get it over with. 


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