Serial Killing 101

Serial Killing 101

Serial Killing 101.  A guy wants to become a serial killer.  Teachers think he’s wrong in the head.  Teacher sends him to counceling.  Pychiatrist thinks he’s crazy. 

Thinks he is crazy. … Just because you say you want to do something, doesn’t mean you’re really going to do it.  Just because you show interest in something, doesn’t mean you really like it. 

In Serial Killing 101, this guy said something I thought was really true.  Simply stated, pyshco therapist don’t understand shit.  In my own opinion, everyone’s a pyshchologist, no one knows shit.  They think they understand you, but they don’t.  Anyone can mask themself and become something, but they’re still not something.

I’m very fragmented right now.  Don’t think I’m making any sense.  My mind has been so messed up the pass few days.  Every little thing has been upsetting me.  Maybe that movie only seemed good because of my mood.

Anyhow, got my self occupied all day so it was a good day, but now I’m inactive again.  Tomorrow I’m moving, hopefully it will keep me busy for a month or 2 to keep my mind off.  Ah…I’m so bummed out.  I thought to myself, maybe I should dissappear for awhile.  Forget work.  Forget everything.  Maybe just for a month or the summer.  Be anywhere but here.  Away from the familiar faces.  But then again, with the way things are going, I might come back with a missing arm or leg.  Maybe be found floating dead in a lake.  Blah oh well. 

By the way, reinvention is starting to sound cool.


3 responses to “Serial Killing 101”

  1. mintcoffeegrl says :

    Dear Andy,Hey!!! This is Tam. I just found this link in my e-mail. I guess I should clean out my e-mail more often. Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope things are going well for you other than that. It will take a while for you to sort out what you feel and deal with everything that is happening right now. Did you by chance get to see your freind that lives down there while you were there. I can’t remember her name.Things here are okay. I stopped using livejournal and now am just using blogspot and not quite writing about daily activities. More just waht I want to write. It always felt on LJ like I was trying to update my friends on my life and not waht I really wanted to write about. so if you are bored or want to hear off the wall things that go through my mind I will link my journal/ramblings here. http://mintcoffeegrl.blogspot.comFeel free to stop by any time or leave comments saying your stupid or whatever. No real names though please. This is my annymous ramblings. its the only way i feel comfortable writing. I don’t mind if you know it is me but others? No way.Keep in touch,Tam

  2. AndyWear says :

    Hey hadnt talked to you in the longest time.  Hows life?  🙂
    You meant Jayme.  She’s the one that moved to LA and nope, I didn’t see her.  I don’t think I should see her again.  There’s someone I’m really you know…with, so if there’s any chance at all, even one percent, I’d like to risk it waiting for her.  Even if there’s no chance at all, i’d like to believe that I waited.  I know that’s stupid, but I don’t seem to enjoy being with anyone else but her.  When I’m with her, I get so happy my mind just go numb.  I don’t know how to be around her.  Myself? What’s myself? I know she’s not mutual but at least I have something to watch over.  She’s got the most aww man… her personality I can’t get enough.  I’m going to shut up about it though or else I’ll be miserable thinking about it.  Anyhow Jayme don’t know the guys I know down there.  They’re in different universes.  Jayme’s my college friend and the guys are my high school buds.  Different high schools though. 🙂 
    But yeah just moved, still got some stuff to finish, but it’s been keeping me busy and I’m feeling .  It’s given me time to get my mind off the situation eventhough its tiring and all but blah blah blah enough.  Talk to you some other time. Nice hearing from you.

  3. mintcoffeegrl says :

    Hey Andy,I’m so confused! You said you were with someone and if there is any chance even one percent you’d like to risk it waiting for her? Waiting for the girl you are with or waiting for Jayme?-Tam

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