Ill see you in the sky

I’ll See You in the Sky

I just got back from LA an hour ago.  I wanted to stay there until Friday and be back for work on Saturday, but we’re moving somewhere this week.   The gathering was a fucking nightmare.  No one liked each other and everyone still holds a damn grudge towards each other.  Some didn’t even show up to the funeral.  I’m not going to comment on that.  Why can’t people just get along? Life is too short to hate.  Anyhow Tom is gone now.   The accident was too much.  I really wished he was properly buried, instead all they could afford was cremation.  He once joked about dying in 9th grade, if he were to die, he better not get a proper burial.  Apparently he had been unconscious for a week before I was informed. His heart stopped beating the night they called.  His girlfriend didn’t tell me that for some reason.  I tried so hard not to cry and in the end I wish I should have.  I wish I could have talked to his mom.  She was hurting so much, but all I could do was sit and hold my tears.  Everyone must have thought I was a dick, but I’m just weak pretending to be strong.


You talk a lot of crap, you piss so many people off and until this day you still got enemies.  I don’t know if you ever grew up. When I first met you at ST, you were mouthing me off like a slinky necked black chick.  I thought to myself, this is one crazy ass white chink.  What the hell, I don’t even know you ass hole.  Dude why WERE you mouthing me off?  I swear, I wanted to sock him in the face in front of everyone, but somehow we ended playing perversion.  In front of the school, on the lawn, a guy was nutting his girlfriend on the lawn.  They drew more crowd than a Star Wars opening.  My friends and I stuck around with Tom and eventually became buddies.  He was the cream of the crop. The life of the crowd and the brother who knows everything.  He knows how to push anyone’s button and he knows how to have fun without fucking himself over with beverages or stokies.  You may not live a successful life according to people, but I believe you lived what you wanted live and that my friend is more success than any money grubbing white collar can ever obtain.  Wish I could feel the same, but life doesn’t grant me that favor. You, you asshole are my mentor.  We know you care when you say all the shit you say to us.  Your true friends, we are all greatful for being your toilet bowl to shit on.  .

Well anyhow, I didn’t finish my eulogy, but I hope you understand and forgive me.  I always thought you’re a good buddy and admired you for your eye in life, it’s very unfortunate we never got to hang out and have one last adventure.  I never admitted before man, but you really were the reason why my high school years rocked.  You saved my ass and a few others from Shimizu and that crap ass Andrew Hill.  My glass goes out to you my friend.  Hope you’re in a better place.  Hope you get as much bootie in heaven as you do in LA.  Peace. 



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