Catching some whities

Catching some whities

Well, just got home from work right now from Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club.  It’s a damn nice club, but it was kind of scary working there in dimm black.  There were trees and a lot of extremely dark areas I had to walk around in.  The ground was wood.  Each step you take on that platform makes a squeaking sound, which sounded like a horror movie.  At the end of the platform, the black of the night would deepen as you further yourself unto the patios.  I wasn’t allowed to carry a flash light because the point of the game was to catch these thieves and a flash light would give out my position.  I had to creep around in the dark and not allowed to step into the light of the lamps to make myself one with the shadows.  I kept hearinng things, so that was kind of nerve wrecking.  Wouldn’t know when these guys would attack.  Anyhow there were these white folks about 23 years old and younger living door to the club.  Which seems like it’s really really convenient for them.  The owner’s son and daugher lives there with son in law or something like that, it’s confusing.  Anyhow going off topic, there were 3 white chicks that came into that house with them. So…4 hot chicks were in that house.  The owner’s daughter talked to me.  She had BIG thighs.  Doesn’t look like she makes use of the club. haha She was hot none the less, but the other chicks were hotter. Anyhow, after 1 o clock she went inside and slept, so I was out a lone the rest of the night.  Speaking of night…good nite. 


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