My Car was Vandalized

Another dissapointing day in the bag.  Here’s some not so unexpected news.  My car got jacked.  Someone broke into my car somewhere late last nite and I didn’t even know it.  Steve came over and woke me up and told me I got jacked.  Oh yes, I love to hear stuff like this when I wake up in the morning.  My Avic N1’s monitor got ripped off the reciever.  Now it’s broken.  The guy couldn’t get the other part out because it’s sealed in tight.  I came out and found my driver side rear door left open.  The monitor was left lying on my front passenger seat.  All my registration papers, my insurance, and all my emergency money all gone.  I’m surprised he didn’t take anything else.  Left my shades, my ball, my gloves, and whatelse….oh yeah and he took my leather towel.  He tossed my auto paint touch up kit in the street.  I came out and found it opened and fucked up on the ground.  Man this fuels me.  Now when I turn on the car, not only do I not hear music, but I hear the loud noise of the motor of my AVIC rolling.  It’s so frustrating.  I’m getting a better alarm this time.  I’m going to get one where if you touch the car it would make the loudest most annoying sound EVER!  I made a police report, I called the insurance, and then I went to DMV to get a new registration which costed another 16 bucks.  My insurance company covers the loss, but it’s a 1000 dollar deductible.  I filed my claim and added the scratch marks on the policy.  If I’m going to pay 1000 dollars, I’m making sure it covers EVERYTHING.  Now that I think about it, when my tire was flattened with a giant nail, I think someone jammed that mother in there.  Something that big would have inflated my tires right away and I didn’t notice any of that.  It was the next moring that it was found flat.  No one else’s cars got fucked with(knock on wood), but mine.  I think I have an enemy on my hand.


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  1. laineskylar says :

    That’s awful. Who hates you?

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