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Star Wars:  Episode III

It’s been a really busy week this week.  I just finally finished moving and it took 3 days and 3 full sized storages.  We had a freight load of garbage after we moved everything out.  I started cleaning up and getting stuff ready for moving which was pretty tiring, but compared to the next day…aww man.  On Thursday I packed all my stuff up, tuesday I took  a lot of stuff apart, boxed it and taped it.  These were giant stuff by the way, so it took at least an hour each to undo.  Did some extra stuff before I left for some friends’ graduation commencement.  I was hoping to get there early to beat the traffic, but things didn’t go according to plan and I ended up leaving later.  Not only did I get stuck in traffic, but I also came half an hour late.  I don’t think they cared about it though. 

Anyhow, I was planning to get them something for their graduation, but I was really pressed on time.  I felt kind of bad about it.  It felt like I was free loading, especially when they took us out to dinner.  That made me feel REALLY awkward.  Here its their graduation and I’m the one getting treated.  That’s not right…I have to make this up some how someday.   On the day of commencement, I felt extremely out of place.  Not only were there new faces, but I didn’t know what to talk about.  I was kind of intimidated by Ha’s parents, but it turned out they’re really really cool.  I’ve never seen asian parents like that.  I mean, wow.  Ha’s dad was talking to me for awhile when we were waiting for seats at the restaurant.  What he said made me realize the difference between them and my parents that makes them so wow factor.  He said that he’s happy that his kids chose to go to school instead of working.  If they spent their whole life going to school, he would support them because he understands that once they’re done with college, it’s all work here on out.  Basically, tomorrow is a new life, spend as much time you can today doing whatever you love.  As for my mom, she keeps pressuring me to finish school and change my major because she’s worried I won’t get a job or make much money if I do get one.  Although she loves me, she doesn’t give me the support I would like.  It’s discouraging.   I can see where she’s getting at, but still…The best thing I like about them is that they are so damn close, or at least the look like they’re close.  As for my parents, I’m cool with my mom, but I wouldn’t call it close close though.  I try to be at least.  I’m the closest one to my parents out of all my brothers and sister so that’s a plus.  We don’t talk or hug each other.  Although I do grab her and spin her around, play with her, we’re still not that close.  When she tries to talk personally, I kind of push her away.  I don’t feel like she understands me even if I talk to her, because she has a one track mind.   As for my dad, just don’t bother talking to him, he won’t really talk to you.  I mean he’s cool and I joke around with him sometimes, but most the time he’s always so scary looking.  He doesn’t really open up to anyone unless he needs to.  I love them both none the less. 

Enough about parents, that night we went around the school after closing hours.  It was great.  There’s something about the night sky that releases me.  I feel so relaxed and free when I’m outside in the dark.  I think I know why, but I won’t dig deep into that.  I wouldn’t have minded staying out longer.  I would have loved to film a lot of the stuff that night, but I ran out.  It probably would have been a pretty cool part of the video I’m planning to do.  I don’t think I shot anything good again.  I really need to learn how to shoot vacation videos or graduation videos or stuff like these that are sporatic.  Anyhow, some fucker flipped me off that night for some reason.  He was probably some drunk trying to steal something.

The next day was the graduation day.  There’s nothing to really talk about, except that Nancy and Ha graduated.  Congratulations to them, they deserve it.  The next day was the party day.  We kind of missed it, or we did miss it.   My family and I had to move stuff to storage.  It took all day and we still didn’t finish it.  I wanted to quit at around 7 so I can go to the party.  I already said I was going to come so I tried to move really fast, but it was pointless because nothing finished!  They didn’t want to quit moving until 9 o clock.  We were completely drained by 630, but my dad didn’t want to stop yet.  Steve wanted to get home by 8 or something but nope, my dad insisted we finished. Blah blah blah blah, I was so wasted  At 9,  Khoman went home to change, and I had to find where all my clothe was and change.  We went to pick up John and it was practically 10pm.  It was practically over.  After a little while they thought I was drunk and kicked us out.  I hardly drank anything man!  Anyways went home, went to bed.  Next day, moved again.  We finished at 9pm finally.  So much stuff!  Cleaned the house, cleaned everything around it.  Now we’re bumming at Steve’s house.  Probably for 2 weeks or so until the house is done.

Tonight I saw Star Wars: Episode III, the first star wars film I ever liked.  It’s actually pretty great.  It won’t win any awards or anything, but it was cool.  Pretty sad might I add.  Went with Steve and my sister for the first time since “Ali”.  Linda and JP kept talking to me during the movie and I could tell the guys in back of us were irritated so I tried to stay quiet.  Alex went with us also, and man I didn’t realize he loves star wars that much.  I should have known that with all his Star Wars games.  Anyhow this topic is getting boring so I’m going to watch tv and then go to bed.

 Anyways I’m going to bed.  Need some much needed rest.




Catching some whities

Catching some whities

Well, just got home from work right now from Los Gatos Swim and Racquet Club.  It’s a damn nice club, but it was kind of scary working there in dimm black.  There were trees and a lot of extremely dark areas I had to walk around in.  The ground was wood.  Each step you take on that platform makes a squeaking sound, which sounded like a horror movie.  At the end of the platform, the black of the night would deepen as you further yourself unto the patios.  I wasn’t allowed to carry a flash light because the point of the game was to catch these thieves and a flash light would give out my position.  I had to creep around in the dark and not allowed to step into the light of the lamps to make myself one with the shadows.  I kept hearinng things, so that was kind of nerve wrecking.  Wouldn’t know when these guys would attack.  Anyhow there were these white folks about 23 years old and younger living door to the club.  Which seems like it’s really really convenient for them.  The owner’s son and daugher lives there with son in law or something like that, it’s confusing.  Anyhow going off topic, there were 3 white chicks that came into that house with them. So…4 hot chicks were in that house.  The owner’s daughter talked to me.  She had BIG thighs.  Doesn’t look like she makes use of the club. haha She was hot none the less, but the other chicks were hotter. Anyhow, after 1 o clock she went inside and slept, so I was out a lone the rest of the night.  Speaking of night…good nite. 

Man worst comes to worst.  I found out my SIDA badge has been taken also.  Didn’t realize it was missing until now. Wish I realized it sooner so I wouldn’t be stuck in this predictament.  The badging office isn’t opened until monday so now I can’t work there.  Instead I was sent all the way to Los Gatos.  It took me a half hour drive there.  I had to check it out to see where it is and man that was  a long ride.  I’ll be working 12am to 4pm tonight.  What a waste of gas.  Man this hella sucks…

My Car was Vandalized

Another dissapointing day in the bag.  Here’s some not so unexpected news.  My car got jacked.  Someone broke into my car somewhere late last nite and I didn’t even know it.  Steve came over and woke me up and told me I got jacked.  Oh yes, I love to hear stuff like this when I wake up in the morning.  My Avic N1’s monitor got ripped off the reciever.  Now it’s broken.  The guy couldn’t get the other part out because it’s sealed in tight.  I came out and found my driver side rear door left open.  The monitor was left lying on my front passenger seat.  All my registration papers, my insurance, and all my emergency money all gone.  I’m surprised he didn’t take anything else.  Left my shades, my ball, my gloves, and whatelse….oh yeah and he took my leather towel.  He tossed my auto paint touch up kit in the street.  I came out and found it opened and fucked up on the ground.  Man this fuels me.  Now when I turn on the car, not only do I not hear music, but I hear the loud noise of the motor of my AVIC rolling.  It’s so frustrating.  I’m getting a better alarm this time.  I’m going to get one where if you touch the car it would make the loudest most annoying sound EVER!  I made a police report, I called the insurance, and then I went to DMV to get a new registration which costed another 16 bucks.  My insurance company covers the loss, but it’s a 1000 dollar deductible.  I filed my claim and added the scratch marks on the policy.  If I’m going to pay 1000 dollars, I’m making sure it covers EVERYTHING.  Now that I think about it, when my tire was flattened with a giant nail, I think someone jammed that mother in there.  Something that big would have inflated my tires right away and I didn’t notice any of that.  It was the next moring that it was found flat.  No one else’s cars got fucked with(knock on wood), but mine.  I think I have an enemy on my hand.

One question

One Question

Competition builds a man, or it destroys him.  Today I feel kind of hopeless.  There’s so much to do in so little time.  Guidance is appreciated.

My scope for the day:    “Be careful disclosing information. Don’t overspend on friends or children. Use your quick wit to win points with friends”

Jayme called me at work today and we talked half the day(I’m such a great employee).  She told me how everything was with her and wanted me to answer some personal questions.   I suck at this game, but I was cool with it.  The book is closed.  I got to vent awhile and then she asked me something very thoughtful, “What do you want for yourself?”  I stopped and thought for awhile, “Wow, I want too much.”