Nearly got mugged!

Nearly got Mugged!

Just got home from work and handsdown, I have to say this is the craziest nite of work in my whole entire existent.  Tonite Richard came early to relieve  me because he slept in his car or something..I dont know don’t ask me I didn’t understand either.  As long as I get to go home early, I’m content. Well he came in a little paranoid and told me there was a guy who was all drugged up, talking wierd and threatening him.  He told the guy to leave the area, it is private property blah blah blah.  That’s all he told me,but anyhow he said to watch out because the guy was walking back and fourth and near the building I parked my car at. About 15 minutes walk or so.. Well I walked and was all paranoid while walking and I had a good reason too!  I noticed the bush shaking, but thought to myself hope that’s just wind blowing.  Still cautious, I kept walking and yup…the fucker jumped at me from the front right side. He was really close to me, all  I could do instinctively was headbutt him, which I did. He grabbed his nose and I grabbed his neck with my left hand, slammed him to the concrete.  His head bounced up and I punched him in the face twice and he laid there guggling and mumbling all drugged out.  I was extremely shakey and then OUCH MY FIST HURTS!  I hadnt even healed yet and now it’s going to be messed up even longer. 😦

After that, I called the cops on my cell and they came to make a report.  Then I had to go back and make my own report which hella sucked. Anyhow I came home and was still trembly….but its a great stress reliever.  I kicked my mugger’s ass.  No one fucks with me. bwahaha


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