Inconsiderate Bitch

Inconsiderate Bitch

You know, when you think someone is your friend. They go and stab you in the back, even with just a single comment. That fucking hurts. The world sucks because of bitches like these. Here I am, a nice guy. I harm no one, I keep to myself. I joke around a little, sometimes I say shit I dont mean and ppl fucking take it up the ass. Stupid fucking bitch, they don’t see the person you are, they see what they want to see. They see your mistakes, and your flaws. They see the mistakes you do. I’m already stressed out as is and I get false allegations. Stay the fuck away from me if you feel that way. Here I try to only see the good stuff in friends, but sometimes its just taken too far and things like these said, you can’t forget it. I already forgave and forget the things said before, but man, it just keeps coming doesn’t it? I can’t stop bitching righ tnow coz I’m too fucking pissed. Writing here won’t calm me, I need to fucking scream. God it fucking hurts. And ppl wonder why I avoid them. I really want my old life back. So happy, life was so great. I sacrificed a lot of shit to make people happy and what the fuck do I get back? A slap in the face. “You don’t deserve to live ass hole!” Make fun, talk shit about me all you want, but don’t fucking accuse me of anything like THAT! People have opinions, I’m not holding that against them,. but that’s not going to take my pain away. What a fucking year it has been. If you hate me, then hate me, but don’t bring me down to that level. I can only take so much criticisms. I deserve better.



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