Santa Cruz sucked

Santa Cruz Sucked

Went to Santa Clara Beach Boardwalk today.  Nothing special.  It’s so dirty.  Back when I went, there were hot women laying all over the sand getting tanned.  Today what did I see?  Middleaged ppl flopping like whales over the ocean tides.  There were some ppl playing volley ball though, I wanted to just jump in and hit the ball haha.  Life would be grand if I could be able to just sporatically go up and hit every single volleyball without getting my ass kicked by angry white ppl. haha One thing that I noticed there was how everyone kept looking at me coz I was the only asian dude there.  What? You never seen a yellow man before?   That gave me no discomfort whatsoever so whatever.  I was planning to jog on the beach but eh…too many ppl there to spectate me gasp for air.  I also wanted to go hiking there, but didn’t know where the hiking spots were.  Besides, I was wearing sandals so that would probably suck.  Well John was suppose to go with us and bring a long some bootie, but we all got tired of waiting for his ass.  I specifically said 10 am, but we waited til 11am for him anyway.   After we didn’t hear from him, I thought aw fug it, going to leave now.  I didn’t want to end up coming home after dark so yeah…ANYHOW.    It was pretty boring, would have been cooler with more people. 


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