Last night out before swing shift beckons once more

Ah, not again.  Back on swing shift. SWING SHIFT.  They spoiled me with the day shift and then tossed me back in gutter swing shift.  I finally got stuff to do again and then boom…hey Mr Tu, your fun is over back to work.  Had to work with a mild hangover today.  Man, my alcohol tolerance has gone down quite a bit.  That’s a good thing I guess, I mean it costed 80 bucks to get half drunk. I could have used a few more shots, that stuff was pretty good, but the waitress said she couldn’t give me anymore because I already had too much. Ah well, I got pretty jiggly so I guess that’s cool.  Little Asian Sensation Ha was right, she warned me I’ll be pissing all nite, which I did.  But you know what? I’m sure it’s just the liquid.  I would have pissed with a glass of water. 🙂 I’m kind of dissapointed that I didn’t get pissed drunk like I was hoping to do so, but it was still fun.  We went to go play pool afterwards. I was pretty dazed so I had no idea where this was, but I think it might have been on Steven’s Creek correct me if I’m wrong.  Although I suck just as bad sober, my eyes were a little blurry so it was kind of hard shooting the darn thing.  I was hoping to mutiliate Nancy, but I guess it didn’t happen.  I”m no longer a man.  She has stripped me of my chest hair with that win….of course she did cheated. 🙂

Anyhow, we were suppose to go to the Peppermill, but “someone” didn’t know it all closed down so we ended up going to BJ’s  Brewery instead.  Notice how my story is all jumbled up and jumping all over.  Yeah….I’m thinking in pieces at the moment.  I got a brain traffic. Everyone seemed really happy so that put me in a really good mood.  I just hate it when people get all grouchy and shit, that puts a damp in your friggin day.  They’re all pretty innocent.  All passing drinks and tasting each other’s. lol I thought that was pretty cute, it made me smile all nite. I tried to get Ha to at least taste the liquor, but she’s like no no I’m a high class martini girl.  I’m thinking….cool beans! They’re not drunks like I thought they were. And….they better not become one or your friendly neighborhood Super Hero Tu will have to come and save them from the evil that once brought about Prohibition!   Well Nancy drove us home in my truck .  Bottom line:  It was a satisfactory night so merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy new year.  As for me, work beckons.  Fun fun J



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