Youre Dead

You’re dead.  You are only allowed to take one memory with you. What would it be?

I was asked a question in pyschology today.  Or actually, told to actualize a situation. “You have died. You are passing over to the other side. In this case there is the other side. You are only allowed to take one memory with you. What would it be? And why?”

To start off, does anyone think it’s possible to not exist in your own mind? I think it’s kind of wierd. How would it be possible to not exist? When we’re dead, do our mind just go poof…blank? Or does it get passed on to another body. I rebutted this once to myself before and compared it to when you’re taking anaestesia to get knocked out. The doctor puts on the gas mask on your face, the moment he takes it off you’re wondering, “Woh…it’s over? I’m so woozy.” That’s what happened to me when I was in the hospital. The gas mask went ontop of my face, i struggled for air in scent of pungent strawberry. The doctor took the mask off, and my eyes were half open. I didn’t dream, I didn’t think. It was nothing like a deep sleep. At least in a sleep, you know you’re sleeping and dreaming, but getting knocked out was a completely different experience. It’s like it never happened! Even after that experience, I still thought to myself, is it still possible to just stop thinking? To stop existing?

Anyhow Ms. Teach thang, I’m still alive, but I’ll pretend to be dead for your sake. I’m passing on the other side and I see a court yard full of catholic school girls in their school girl uniform with short skirts. In other words…PARADISE! I’m allowed to take one memory with me, and I choose to toss it away. Memory only gives you pain! Gives you thoughts of envy! Memory sucks, ignorance is bliss. I don’t want to remember skimpy skirts if I’m not getting any. And if I do, remembering it won’t bring it back so what’s the point? It’s only going to depress you. 🙂

Memory? What memory?




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