Such a great day

Such a great day

Man, it’s such a beautiful day.  I’ve been smiling all day.  Been in the best moood in such a long time.  I was so exuberant at work today, people kept asking me if I got laid or something.  Haha.  I just told them, naw it’s such a nice day, I don’t know why I’m smiling.  Man possibilities for a day such as this. Basketball?  Workingout? Jogging? Fishing…ah I would love to go fishing right now, no time at the moment though.  Mental note, must go fishing this summer.   On the side note, we’ve been fixing up this house so we could sell it.  I’m going to be moving down to Blossom Hill at a newer house.  Now I’m going to have my own room.  No more drifting in the living room this summer.  Anyhow, can’t waste the sun sitting at home.  Time to hit park or something. 🙂



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