Chris Webber

Today my player has been traded!  There is no point in living anymore. 😦

The King’s traded their star player, MY FAVORITE PLAYER Chris Webber for 3 freaking no name losers!  How can they do this  to me without my consent?  Geoff Petrie must pay for his deceit! Headlines….Arco Arena bombed down by short asian guy.  Oh hell yes. 

Without Webber, the duo of Mike Bibby and Chris Webber is no more.  Now what duo are they going to have now???  We still have our star players, Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic, Brad Miller, and Cutino Mobley, but w/out Webber, they lose out on depth!  No center passing!  Miller could do that, but he cant pass like Webber.  This hella SUCKS!  What rank were the kings before Webber and these guys?  DEAD LAST!  Anynow….GO SIXERS! Haha

Actually, Mike and the Kings are still my guys, but the 76ers now have a new home in my heart. Hell yes. lol

Well nuff of that, saw “Nobody Knows” today at Cinema 7 at the Pruneyard.  It’s a japanese independent movie and a really sad one at that.  It almost made the girl in me jump out and cry. lol  Well bed time, and one more thing….Goddamn Petrie. 


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