Basketball Again

Basketball again

Well I’m free as a bird right now.  Everything all caught up and I’m on top of the game momentarily.  Went to play some ball last nite.  I played some random folks and they all sucked.  Although my team lost, I still think everyone there sucked. haha  Me and 2 other asian dudes were playing, I thought they were going to be good…well they looked like they were good but when we played I was dominating everyone in the game and I’m hella out of shape too.  There was this one really really tall mexican guy, possibly 6’5 or something.  He rebounded over all of us like nothing, he was the Shaq of Windmill.  He sucked too, he just needs to tip toe a lil and he can make an easy layup.  That’s the only reason they won, because of that ogre.  Anyhow we still dominated their ass in the beginning.  Started out as a 5 to 1 game and then we all got lazy, started walking a lot and they or he, had a buncha easy post ups that we couldn’t block.  In the beginning we double teamed him a lot and stole the ball left and right, all of a sudden we stopped.  End of the game was 9 to 10 their win.  I went there originally to practice, but they asked me to play so we did.  It was a 4 on 4 full court game.  I think I’m starting to get in better shape, I didn’t get that tired when I was playing.  Anyhow, as for the basketball gym class, my team came second in the tournament.  We lost to the only undefeated team in the finals.  My team was the last ranked team.  I only played 1 game the first day when I was really sick with the flu.  I went off for a week, and they  lost every single game even with the teacher on our team, well tied once. haha 

Not to brag or anything, but when I returned the following week, we beat every single team except for the team in the finals.  We beat Binh’s team which was ranked second.  It was a close game. 🙂  We beat the team with the 2 charcoal ppl which I thought was unbeatable.  In the finals, we were pretty close to winning.  Lost by 1 point.  I missed the last shot as the buzzer buzzed.  Anyhow I’m going to start practicing again so I can get back into offense.  Been playing too much defense coz I can’t play well anymore.  Oh yeah and teacher said I had a unique defense and it was really good.  I heard her on the sideline talking to this girl. 😀 

PS:  I blocked this italian girl and she twisted her ankle falling down with the ball.  She kept talking to me afterwards, I think she liked the abuse. haha


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