Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster

Happy new years to everyone.  Everyone except me.  That’s right.  It’s not such a happy new year so far.  Year of the Rooster…blah.  Is this thing really true.  I forgot who told me the other day, but they told me that on your animal year, you will have bad luck.  And here I thought…..AWESOME its the year of the Rooster!  Luck for me all year long!  Haha funny, I forgot the extra word in the front.  BAD luck for me all year long!  There you go, that sounds correct.  I asked my mom earlier, do I get bad luck or good luck on my animal year?  She said bad luck.  Then she changed it and said, Nonono good luck good luck, can’t say bad luck.  Funny….this don’t feel like good luck. Truth be told, I’ve been having nothing but bad luck even before new years.  2 hours before new years to be precise.  Anyhow, let the story be told.

February 8th, year 2005 at 10pm.  I got into my first car accident.  Let’s hope this will be the last.  I was driving north on highway 87, made an exit to capitol exwy.  As I was going down the ramp, I slowed down to yield to merge onto traffic.  Seconds later, BOOM!  What the hell was that?  Someone just rear ended your ass, ass hole.  What the hell…I was shocked.  My mind  was a bit cloudy, but I got out of the car.  First problem.  I didn’t see who got out of the car first.  Second.  I didn’t write down the liscense plate first. I waited til the end to write it down.  Well I asked her for her insurance and policy number.  She didn’t even have it with her.  I had to write down her number, then her liscense plate number.  I felt I was forgetting something… in the car and Victor asked me. “Did you get her driver’s liscense?”  I thought..shit thats what I forgot.  About to get out and get it, but they were already gone.  So fuck…I thought, shoulda called the police and have them write a police report!  Well, I called her back, got the insurance info, went down to the police station and spent 2 hours writing a police report.  The cop was like, you wrote a really good report.  I thought to myself…thats cause I write the damn thing all the time.  Anyhow, came home and its now 12 am.  It’s officially the year of the rooster.  Bad luck for me all year long. No…GOOD LUCK GOOOOOOD LUCK all year long. šŸ™‚

Anyhow, too many bad shit happened to me the past few months.  One I could think of is my 6+ month project went bye bye.  Whatelse? I know there was a lot, I’m too clouded to think right now, but of course this rear end accident!

And you know what…….?  I dreamnt of this before a few years ago.  Same road, same time.  Deja vu?


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