First Weekend off in 2 years

First Weekend off in 2 YEARS!

Ah…finally got the weekend off and I’m sick with the Flu.  The weather is very nice out.  Nice sun, perfect wind and I’m in the house feeling like shit.  This sucks.  I wanna do something.  Oh yeah, I went to 4 different stores earlier, and they were all sold out of Theraflu.   Flu season knocked on everyone’s door these past few weeks huh?  Anyhow, I’m finally caught up with school work for this week and am going to just spend this day kicking back and relaxing.  I’m dreading about going to basketball class on tuesday….ahh….I’d still be too sick to play.  Had to play on thursday when I was sick and felt like crap.  My team lost twice.  First game I played, I did ok for a bit until I couldn’t breath anymore.  Second game, I walked most the game from exhaustion and we got big time wooped.  I got studdering John on my team, so I had to play extra defense because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Yup, I’m ready to get slaughtered again on Tuesday.  I think I’ll do a lot better when the flu subsides.  Hope I continue getting weekends off so I can finally do something.  And maybe I won’t flake out on Ha and Nancy so much now.  I do feel bad about it, but can’t really help it.  The man needs to pay his bills.  I hadn’t seen them for awhile, so it’d be nice to hang out sometimes.  Junior will be back from the Philipines next week I think, so we can all hit the Kit Kat Bar on audition night.  I been wanting to go there, but too many flakers!  Anyhow, I’m gonna go find something to do now.



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