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Chris Webber

Today my player has been traded!  There is no point in living anymore. 😦

The King’s traded their star player, MY FAVORITE PLAYER Chris Webber for 3 freaking no name losers!  How can they do this  to me without my consent?  Geoff Petrie must pay for his deceit! Headlines….Arco Arena bombed down by short asian guy.  Oh hell yes. 

Without Webber, the duo of Mike Bibby and Chris Webber is no more.  Now what duo are they going to have now???  We still have our star players, Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic, Brad Miller, and Cutino Mobley, but w/out Webber, they lose out on depth!  No center passing!  Miller could do that, but he cant pass like Webber.  This hella SUCKS!  What rank were the kings before Webber and these guys?  DEAD LAST!  Anynow….GO SIXERS! Haha

Actually, Mike and the Kings are still my guys, but the 76ers now have a new home in my heart. Hell yes. lol

Well nuff of that, saw “Nobody Knows” today at Cinema 7 at the Pruneyard.  It’s a japanese independent movie and a really sad one at that.  It almost made the girl in me jump out and cry. lol  Well bed time, and one more thing….Goddamn Petrie. 


Basketball Again

Basketball again

Well I’m free as a bird right now.  Everything all caught up and I’m on top of the game momentarily.  Went to play some ball last nite.  I played some random folks and they all sucked.  Although my team lost, I still think everyone there sucked. haha  Me and 2 other asian dudes were playing, I thought they were going to be good…well they looked like they were good but when we played I was dominating everyone in the game and I’m hella out of shape too.  There was this one really really tall mexican guy, possibly 6’5 or something.  He rebounded over all of us like nothing, he was the Shaq of Windmill.  He sucked too, he just needs to tip toe a lil and he can make an easy layup.  That’s the only reason they won, because of that ogre.  Anyhow we still dominated their ass in the beginning.  Started out as a 5 to 1 game and then we all got lazy, started walking a lot and they or he, had a buncha easy post ups that we couldn’t block.  In the beginning we double teamed him a lot and stole the ball left and right, all of a sudden we stopped.  End of the game was 9 to 10 their win.  I went there originally to practice, but they asked me to play so we did.  It was a 4 on 4 full court game.  I think I’m starting to get in better shape, I didn’t get that tired when I was playing.  Anyhow, as for the basketball gym class, my team came second in the tournament.  We lost to the only undefeated team in the finals.  My team was the last ranked team.  I only played 1 game the first day when I was really sick with the flu.  I went off for a week, and they  lost every single game even with the teacher on our team, well tied once. haha 

Not to brag or anything, but when I returned the following week, we beat every single team except for the team in the finals.  We beat Binh’s team which was ranked second.  It was a close game. 🙂  We beat the team with the 2 charcoal ppl which I thought was unbeatable.  In the finals, we were pretty close to winning.  Lost by 1 point.  I missed the last shot as the buzzer buzzed.  Anyhow I’m going to start practicing again so I can get back into offense.  Been playing too much defense coz I can’t play well anymore.  Oh yeah and teacher said I had a unique defense and it was really good.  I heard her on the sideline talking to this girl. 😀 

PS:  I blocked this italian girl and she twisted her ankle falling down with the ball.  She kept talking to me afterwards, I think she liked the abuse. haha

Definitive Real Man

The Definative Real  Man

So what is a Man? How should he act? Decades and centuries ago, the question was nonsense. But today in our feminized culture (this may be more in America then in other countries), most of us have been raised to believe that there is something inherently wrong with being a man and acting the way how a man should act. No wonder males don’t know how to act around women!

Several women were bunched up in a group, gossiping and yapping about cute boys, fashion, relationships i.e. nothing. This behavior extends to all women of all cultures (and also different animal species. Cows group together and moo and gnaw on grass and take notice of bulls brave enough to approach the group).

I approach. “How are you, ladies!! I am the Pook.”

A woman squeals. “Oh! It’s a Pook!” The others squeal in unison.

Once the ladies calm themselves after being in the presence of a Pook, I ask them, “Ladies! Do tell me, what do you define as a Man?”

With devilish tongues, the women answer:

“A Man is someone sensative to me.”
“A Man is the guy who will take care of my needs.”
“A Man is the one that is in tune with my feelings.”
“A Man is one who doesn’t have an ego.”
“A Man is the guy who will sit and watch chick flicks all day with me.”
“A Man is the guy who will go shopping with me.”
“A Man is the guy who will share all his feelings with me.”

Such are the common answers! The males listen and actualize what the women say. They are constantly declared ‘sweet’ and ‘wonderful’ and ‘nice’, oh ‘so nice’. Mothers and older women are proud of them and tell them, “If I were younger, I would go for you!”

Poor Nice Guy! The women his own age avoid him like the plague and jump for the jerks. The Nice Guy becomes an emotional tampon to be used and discarded. The Nice Guy, being so nice and sweet, listens to the woman vomit her feelings about men and bleed her problems of her boyfriend on him. He listens with baited hope when he hears, “Oh, why can’t guys be like you! You listen and understand.” Then she turns around and gets abused by another jerk! The vicious cycle repeats again and again.

Why are women acting in this way?

They are simply acting as women do, as in their nature. The problem is not with them, it is with guys. We are afraid to embrace OUR nature, that of being a Man. Being in a culture that sees Manhood as predatory and oppressive and uncouth, we cover it up within ourselves. By doing so, we hide our sexuality. (Sexuality! Do I mean rock hard abs and rippling muscles? That is not what women find sexy [it’s a contributing factor, not the core]. A type of PERSONALITY is what women are looking for. Someone they can depend on [has backbone], someone who will be successful [has ambition], and someone who is decisive [has charge]. Nice guys have no backbone because they think women are frail things that will break in confrontation; nice guys reveal no ambition because they fear being seen as arrogant to women; nice guys are afraid to be decisive for fear of being seen as ‘oppressive’.)

Two poles of thought men drift into: the Nice Guy and the Jerk. Both blame the other.

“You ruin the women with your lack of commitment and unappreciative nature,” says the Nice Guy.

“You spoil the women with your endless listening ear and stupid caring attitude,” replies the Jerk.

The two endlessly war. Those on the sidelines have their own conclusions. One side says, “The Jerk is the way to go. Ceaseless sex! Evolution demands it.” The other side says, “The Nice Guy is the way to go. Glorious relationship! Society demands it.”

But the two still argue.

“You cause the women to think they are in control,” says the Jerk.

“Ahh, but you cause the women to think all men are scum,” replies the Nice Guy.

Is there not an end to the Nice Guy vs.Jerk debate? Are these the only choices?

The Cycle

The Nice Guy emerges. He is tenderized and wants to shout in every woman’s ear “I will not abuse you. I am sweet and good. Based on that alone you should date me.” When the Nice Guy talks to the girl on a date, *poof*, the date turns into Oprah. “Oh, my life has been SO downhill from here,” the Nice Guy whines. “My little girly car was slashed, I failed my classes, but because of you this day has been so much better.” Then the Nice Guy goes, “Let me tell you my life story. My birth was long, hard, and painful for my mother…” Our culture has become so feminized that the Nice Guy thinks it is proper to vomit his feelings and emotions all over the place. (It’s gross!) Women, rightfully, run for the hills when they hear your declarations of love.

The Metamorphosis comes. The Nice Guy eventually realizes what all the ladies want, becomes bitter, and changes himself into a Jerk. His goal now is to sleep with as many women as possible and figure out all the tricks and tactics to do so. He focuses on calculation rather then natural joy. When a woman comes, he pulls out a chart of all the ‘moves’ and ‘tactics’ with arrows and patterns. He unleashes his lap top, accesses a Lay Guide, and reviews his strategy. Time passes and once was fun becomes meaningless.

Back to being nice. He sees it now as turning on Nice Guy or turning on Jerk. “Why can’t I just be myself!?” he soon thunders at Reality.

Just be a Man! There is no need to reprogram yourself. You will have the interests you have, the hobbies you have, the body you have, but you can easily become a MAN. It is all simply in the way how you think and as you think you shall become. But what is Man? Shall we have the answer? Here it is:

A Man is a guy who is not scared of his testosterone!

A Man follows the passion in his life. Passion of women? Of course not. A Man has goals and desires that goes above that of chasing chicks. After childhood, there are TRUE winners and losers in life. A Man desires to be the winner. A Man WANTS to win in what he does. Because of his passion, a Man can sometimes come off as arrogant and egotistical. He does not apologize for this or for his desires.

“It is your actions that cause the disgrace of Men,” says the Nice Guy.

“It is yours,” replies the Jerk.

No, gentlemen, the disgrace of men is in not embracing your true nature: following your passion and, thus, loving life. Women are to enhance your life, not to be your life. So to the Nice Guy, stop placing your happiness on getting a girlfriend. To the Jerk, quit wasting your life on seduction. Don’t SPEND your time chasing girls, INVEST it by putting it into your interests and desires, thus the whole of your life.

 Man has character and deep convictions. He has PASSION in life about something. It is this passion that transforms his life, gives him confidence, and gives him joy. It is this PASSION that will give you that right mindset for you have goals and dreams that go beyond chicks.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was scrawny, cried easily, and was a total wuss. At the age of ten, his father looked down at him disapprovingly. “You are such a wimp!” he scolded at his son. The boy cried but eventually discovered what was wrong with him. He worked out, studied, and utilized himself. He went around the world in the most ferocious quests. He became strong and powerful. He entered politics and became an unstoppable force. He would be shot when giving a speech, but he would pull himself back up to continue the speech!

He was President Teddy Roosevelt, one of the more significant characters in America. If that little wimpy boy could become such a character, anyone can be a Man.

What do guys today do? We try to hide our strength and express our ‘femininity’. Take an example of guys: early on in a relationship, they will show how ‘great’ they are by cooking for the woman!

“Real men are not available. They are climbing mountains. They are swimming across rivers. What are YOU doing? Making spagetti?!?!?!” –Anti-Dump

 – The Pook


Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster

Happy new years to everyone.  Everyone except me.  That’s right.  It’s not such a happy new year so far.  Year of the Rooster…blah.  Is this thing really true.  I forgot who told me the other day, but they told me that on your animal year, you will have bad luck.  And here I thought…..AWESOME its the year of the Rooster!  Luck for me all year long!  Haha funny, I forgot the extra word in the front.  BAD luck for me all year long!  There you go, that sounds correct.  I asked my mom earlier, do I get bad luck or good luck on my animal year?  She said bad luck.  Then she changed it and said, Nonono good luck good luck, can’t say bad luck.  Funny….this don’t feel like good luck. Truth be told, I’ve been having nothing but bad luck even before new years.  2 hours before new years to be precise.  Anyhow, let the story be told.

February 8th, year 2005 at 10pm.  I got into my first car accident.  Let’s hope this will be the last.  I was driving north on highway 87, made an exit to capitol exwy.  As I was going down the ramp, I slowed down to yield to merge onto traffic.  Seconds later, BOOM!  What the hell was that?  Someone just rear ended your ass, ass hole.  What the hell…I was shocked.  My mind  was a bit cloudy, but I got out of the car.  First problem.  I didn’t see who got out of the car first.  Second.  I didn’t write down the liscense plate first. I waited til the end to write it down.  Well I asked her for her insurance and policy number.  She didn’t even have it with her.  I had to write down her number, then her liscense plate number.  I felt I was forgetting something… in the car and Victor asked me. “Did you get her driver’s liscense?”  I thought..shit thats what I forgot.  About to get out and get it, but they were already gone.  So fuck…I thought, shoulda called the police and have them write a police report!  Well, I called her back, got the insurance info, went down to the police station and spent 2 hours writing a police report.  The cop was like, you wrote a really good report.  I thought to myself…thats cause I write the damn thing all the time.  Anyhow, came home and its now 12 am.  It’s officially the year of the rooster.  Bad luck for me all year long. No…GOOD LUCK GOOOOOOD LUCK all year long. 🙂

Anyhow, too many bad shit happened to me the past few months.  One I could think of is my 6+ month project went bye bye.  Whatelse? I know there was a lot, I’m too clouded to think right now, but of course this rear end accident!

And you know what…….?  I dreamnt of this before a few years ago.  Same road, same time.  Deja vu?

First Weekend off in 2 years

First Weekend off in 2 YEARS!

Ah…finally got the weekend off and I’m sick with the Flu.  The weather is very nice out.  Nice sun, perfect wind and I’m in the house feeling like shit.  This sucks.  I wanna do something.  Oh yeah, I went to 4 different stores earlier, and they were all sold out of Theraflu.   Flu season knocked on everyone’s door these past few weeks huh?  Anyhow, I’m finally caught up with school work for this week and am going to just spend this day kicking back and relaxing.  I’m dreading about going to basketball class on tuesday….ahh….I’d still be too sick to play.  Had to play on thursday when I was sick and felt like crap.  My team lost twice.  First game I played, I did ok for a bit until I couldn’t breath anymore.  Second game, I walked most the game from exhaustion and we got big time wooped.  I got studdering John on my team, so I had to play extra defense because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Yup, I’m ready to get slaughtered again on Tuesday.  I think I’ll do a lot better when the flu subsides.  Hope I continue getting weekends off so I can finally do something.  And maybe I won’t flake out on Ha and Nancy so much now.  I do feel bad about it, but can’t really help it.  The man needs to pay his bills.  I hadn’t seen them for awhile, so it’d be nice to hang out sometimes.  Junior will be back from the Philipines next week I think, so we can all hit the Kit Kat Bar on audition night.  I been wanting to go there, but too many flakers!  Anyhow, I’m gonna go find something to do now.