Bye to SJAP

Bye to SJAP with 20 feet of Poopoo on the Road

Finished the last day of work today.  Said good bye to all the cool people.  One of the cops I’m really cool with said he’s really going to miss me.  I told him “Well next time I get caught for a speeding ticket, I’ll say hi to you.”   He joked about it and told me to stay in school and all that good stuff.  He calls me “College Boy”, I call him “Man”.    In fact…I call almost everyone man, I only know a few of their names.  There’s 3 cops there that I’m really cool with, one of them I hadn’t seen for quite awhile so I couldn’t say bye to the guy.  I figure cops of all that works there would be the first to know that 4 of the gates are closing down, but they don’t. I tell them and they’re surprised about it and start asking why.  Only AOP and ourselves know that it’s closing down.  Seriously, work seems like almost another home to me there.  Everyone is so cool there which was mainly the reason I been able to stay so long.  They’ll see me doing my homework and ask me if I finished my homework yet or you on break yet?  They’re really supportive haha.  Aww man I’m going to miss working there.   Even though it took my weekend life away from me, I didn’t really mind it that much because of the peeps I’ve gotten to know at the SJAP.  Ah…the SJAP, my second family.  The guy that is going to miss me the most of all is Richard.  The guy keeps telling me he’s going to miss me and kept asking me to find a way to get the job back.  I told him I’d try and he said he asked the boss to get the same post as myself if I do get a new one. Great guy.  He use to be a pilot there but retired and worked for our company. He keeps showing me his old pictures and stuff, really friendly dude.   Anyhow, today ended up with a bang.  One of the employees, one of the guy at  Southwest that I don’t know left his clog open on his lavoratory truck.  When he drove to the gate and passed through, it dripped doodoo 20-30 ft long.  I thought…what the hell??  It smelled bad bad bad.  He turned around and by his expression I knew what he was thinkning, “oh shit!”  Shit is the right word, because there was spilt shit all over.  Luckily my nose were clogged I couldn’t smell anything.  The San Jose Jet Center guys walked by disgusted.   Anyhow, I had to block off the gate so it could be cleaned off.  It took about an  hour or so to bleach it all out.  They poured some type of kitty litter thing that sucked up all the blue liquid drainage from the lavoratory with all its doodoo and piss.  All this was right next to me…and again..was I lucky or what to have a clogged nose? Haha   I had to write a really long report for the incident which pretty much ended my day.  Oh…and I started school, spent too much money on books.  It better be worth it, because it’s going to be a very very stressful semester.


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