Wheres work?

Where’s Work?

Well….bad news.  I might lose my job at the airport.  I went to go get my check and schedule, realized I wasn’t scheduled for the week after this week so I called George to see whats up.  He told me the airport wants to shut down the gate to save money and it happened to be my gate.  So you can call it a lay off.  Anyhow, they did say they’re trying to find me a new client and put me back on schedule, so I hope they do it soon because I really need the money.  On the side note, I been sick all week and today I felt…or feel even… really  miserable.  My headaches, my nose clogged, I’m seeing double vision and I’m really really tired.  On top of that, the flu made me miss the Kings and Rockets game.  But…they won so I’m happy with just that. 


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