Frys Ruined me


Just got back home from work right now, nothing interesting to boast.  But I do have some complaints.  I can’t get it out of my head, its bugging the hell out of me.  A week ago my computer stopped booting so I did all the necessary means to fix it…well all the stuff I was accustomed to.  It all happened because of the online upgrade version of Windows SP2.  Let me just warn you this one time… NEVER use the Windows Fix option to fix your operating system when you already downloaded SP2.    Well anyhow to press my luck, I tried adding a boot sector to the hard drive, but that didn’t work.   So I tried swapping the hard drives from slave to master and make a duo boot, but it somehow conflicted and read errors.   I got frustrated and finally asked my friend to fix it, but I asked someone to do it for me, but the dude was going out of town so I would have to wait.  Impatient, I stupidly had Fry’s fix it extract data from the hard drive for me….which they did.  The problem is, they didn’t get the stuff I wanted, only the stuff I didn’t need.  Price?  155 bucks.  What a fucking rip off.  To top that, I lost a year’s worth of work in my project I’ve been working.  I lost 2 other side projects which took a few months each also.  I lost all my passwords.    So now I’m fucked and got to start from square 1.   It’s so discouraging, makes me want to just give up.  But blah blah blah, I gotta get back on track and start alllllllllllllllllll over.  Hopefully I can do it a little faster….  I’m so bummed about it.  I want to just sue for a million and drop out of school. :-p


One response to “Frys Ruined me”

  1. Anonymous says :

    holy fuck man
    that HELLa sux…
    hopefully ur friend can fix it wen he gets bak…

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