Myself and Gigantaur

Myself and Gigantaur

Got off work an hour early today so Tiffany, this really tall white chick at work who occasionally stop and talks to me(not bad looking if you ask me) asked me to drive her home.  She treated me out to Denny’s and I ended up sitting there for quite awihle listening to her yapping about how her life sucks. I didn’t say much coz she kept talking and stop occasionaly to ask me how’s life and am I tired.   I wanted to smack her and tell her to shut up so I can shove one up her ass.  haha kidding…wait am I kidding? Anyhow, I was half asleep so I pretended to pay attention to her.  My head started pounding like a steroidal finger, pinpointing my temporal.  My visions went in several directions for about 2-3 seconds as I squeezed my head in pain.  I got really tired and my body started trembling noticably in the legs.  I asked her if she’s ready to go and she looked kinda sad.  Dont think she was finished talking.  But I didnt’t care, my head was aching and she was talking too fast for me to pay attention anyway.   Forgot to say thanks for the dinner, I’ll have to say it next time I see her.

I think I’m aging too fast.  My health is sinking faster than rocks in water.  Every year I notice myself getting more prone to injuries.  For the past few months my casual headaches have become people’s irregularl pulse pounding migranes.  My eyes fucking burn and feels heavy all the time.  My legs are getting weaker and weaker every year.  Since I’ve hurt my my knees a few years ago, it’s been painful trying to ressurect it’s effectiveness. 

Anyhow, Ron Siegel at San Francisco’s Charles Resturant….must eat there.  Why?  Because he is Iron Chef calibur. 🙂


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