Counter Time

Your Death, Not Mine


I’m always thinking about it, but maybe it’s true(well true to some of us) that the only thing worst than dying is dying after everyone else.   When I reflect on the years of yesterday, I miss the chance to grasp the moment and let it stay forever today.  This moment now, just sitting here typing could tomorrow, be yesterday and another day passed and another day I could have to wish for time to  position it’s legs in sand and cease the haste.   Time, the more it comes, the faster it goes.  When you’re stuck at work sitting doing nothing, you want time to piss off and hurry up, but when a year passes by, we or maybe just I wish to have never wished for it’s haste.  I’m not afraid of death really.  Hell, I fear a lot of things that lead to death, but when you’re actually dead you won’t even think about it.  It’s time for a new hierarchy of life or it’s time to never wake up again.  It’s just a change and sometimes changes are good.  Again about death, I can probably vouch for some people that when it comes to it, you probably fear it more in others than yourself.  I myself fear for my parents and of course my family.   I wonder to myself a lot;  when it comes the moment, I’ll never be ready.   No one should ever be ready for death.  It’s freaky as hell how we’re so close to end life’s grid.  When I was younger, I thought  to myself “what is wrong with all these people saying life is short?”

Well it is short, I believe it now.   When you’re 5 or 10 or whatever, you’re not rushed by time so you really don’t treasure it.  Now that you have goals and things to accomplish, life to map out, surely time do get devoured.  The slower you grow, the longer you’ll live.  The older I become, the more I want to grow roots and hold myself back to counter time. 


4 responses to “Counter Time”

  1. Anonymous says :

    anh is so cool   ! ! !! 

  2. Anonymous says :

    he is super cool

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  4. Anonymous says :

    i dont have to even read ne of his posts… to kno how cool they are..
    that and cus im too lazy and u write too much anh..=p

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