Just Need to Hit that

You Need to just HIT THAT

Well  ended the week with a pretty relaxing day.  Pretty frustrating, but relaxing.   Bizrock a buddy from work  got demoted to stationary today because he accidently ran the car through the fence. It’s pretty funny, but kind of suck because he won’t be the one coming by and giving my break.   Richard is going to quit because of the new rule where we have to take a test at the airport every 6 weeks so that sucks also.  Some prick broke the heater at work before I came in so I froze my ass off, wet and bothered.  But that prick took me out for a little booz afterwork in our blues and badge where he introduced me to this annorexic no boobed chick he said was hot.  Got my hopes up now I want to kill him.  Had to suffer an hour watching her put on her make up.  Wanted to get drunk and pretended she was hot, but I was the prick and my own ride home.   On the side note, Jose keeps talking about this hot Jap/White chic at Southwest Tracy this Tracy that and I’m getting tired of it.  He needs to just hit that and tell me a dirty story.  Anyhow I stink and need a shower then bed time. zZzzzzZzz

PS:  Story of the Year rules. 🙂


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