Monster in Macy’s

Monster In Macy’s

Well writing is fun.  Definately.  One of my buddies said I was gay for keeping a journal.  In a way I guess its pretty gay.  Richard Nixon somewhat kept a journal through tapes.  He makes confessions and I think confessions release whats boggled up inside.  People wondered why he keeps those tapes, but me I think he needed to vent.  When you do something bad, you usually want to tell somebody but you cant, so you put it in words and spill your beans.   That’s why I write journals, to vent and to remember the past in details. Thats why I’m going to write something right now.   If it’s queerish, so be it. 🙂

Well a few days ago, I took a nap on the bench in Macy’s at Valley Fair.  As my eyes were closed, a voice sounded through my skull.   Looking up in blur, a shadow engulfed me…it was cold, very cold indeed.  My eyes focused and a buhemoth towered over me.  Someone opened the bag.  The Stay Puff Marshmallowwoman stories high and miles wide put me in tranquil.  I felt a perilous omen.   Thought I was on the set of Jurassic Park.  As I looked up at the woman infront of me, all that inhabbited my mind were the thunderous stomps of the T rex. Boom boom boom…This fat chick thought she was all hot stuff I guess, came and gave me her numbers.   “Hey you been sleeping here for awhile, waiting for someone?”  I was thinking….hmmmm I think shes making a pass at me.  Then she went and gave me her number like I wanted it and told me to call her and faked this cute teeheehee.  I’m sitting there thinking…….ok hot stuff.  Call me an ass if you like, but I just spat my gum in that piece of paper and said sayonara to the sucka.  Selfish?  If you say so, but my eyes wander else where when something that large towers me.  That’s pretty scary if you ask me.  Someone that big needs to be locked in a cage. Naw I’m kidding.  Very rude.  Even big momma needs loving.  I’m only hateful because she seemed so…….whats the word thats not yet arrogant but beyond conceit?  Anyhow, thats in the past now.

The rain, the fucking rain.  Why does it make a person so bummed out?  I hadn’t done anything yet since winter break.  Its so damn cold, I just want to lay in bed forever and dream of sexual shit.   But nope, the animated body always needs flux.   I been worrying about money and school too much and forgetting about a life with recreations.  My weekends have been sacrificed for nearly 2 years and I hadn’t really done much anything that’s remotely exciting.  Some buddies been asking me to go out and party, have fun, do stuff, but I keep flaking and now they gave up on me.  All because of work and study and a side of worries.    Is it even ok to sacrifice life for long coming success?  I’ll get a mental break down if I don’t get another vacation.   Japan here I come.


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