Watching re-runs of Iron Chef, I’ve come to realize something new I haven’t dwelled into much.  No matter what I’ve done, no matter what I have, I’m never going to be satisfied.  The type of person I am, I will always remember the past.   I remembered 10 years ago, and I’ll remember today, tomorrow as I would remember the daily re runs of Ninja Turtles that aired every morning and afternoon back in my insensible days.  Watching Iron Chef just now, made me think of a year or 2 ago where Iron Chef was aired frequently which chained my thoughts into thanksgiving feasts that we had not so far time apart.  The heaters worked back then, it was warm.  The lack of heat eminating in this house right now caters melancholy.  In a few minutes, I’ll suppress myself in heavy wolven blanket to expel the suggestive character named ‘Cold”, and welcome ‘Warm’ by my side tonite.  Tomorrow  I can miss tonite and Cold will spend it’s day with me while I do my homework. 🙂






One response to “Remember”

  1. Anonymous says :

    During the Holiday season, don’t we always remember back to better times or to something. I always remember my aunt and grandmother who have passed away. Oreo and I sit there and watch Christmas movies and dream of past holidays or what we could do for the future. I think that’s why this year when they are on I have started doing something. I love watching those movies but sometimes they make me a little sad.

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