Temptation:  First Nodal Point

Growing up, I’ve always been aware of people’s character. What I notice most is how people change in the way they act, and the way they are dressed. We grow up being peer pressured and end up acting the way we do, or doing whatever it is that we’ve been influenced to do whether we would admit it or not. We’re either in refusal or just sucked into a trend by our classmates, our siblings and even our parents. Beginning high school, I became even more aware of my need for attention so I shunned it. I started acting like I don’t care about what people thought so I dressed the way I wanted, stayed quiet and not to try and get attention from making a scene. I basically damned myself from falling victim to peer pressure, but all along I’ve already in it’s grasp. I, along with half the school population wanted to be different and free from the peril of trends, but all a long we’re starting our own trend of individuality.
After awhile, I wanted what people have and do what they do. I wanted to go out, get drunk and wasted, get stoned, get the newest pair of sneakers at the mall and be a typical teenager and have fun without worrying about what others think.
Within my household, I’ve tossed a side my cultural roots. Growing up in the U.S. of A, I’ve been brainwashed by society in thinking that, ” If you’re not white, you’re not tight and if you’re not brown you’re not down.”
From that, I was ashamed to be Vietnamese and was afraid to speak my own tongue in public for a long time. It’s not until I’ve matured that I felt ashamed of myself for rejecting my roots. By rejecting my roots, I rejected myself and my family just so that I would fit in the white man’s land. Even now, I feel a sense of shame for not being able to have what people value.


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