Self improvement

Self Improvement

Hey well, I woke up early this morning and headed to Fry’s Electronics.  When I woke up, I was hesitant on going or not, but ended up going anway when I shouldn’t have.  I found out you can order what I got online for the same price at  Well isn’t that a bitch? O well, I ordered another one. 🙂  Anyhow, semester is going to an end and I’m not exactly sure what to do during winter break yet.  I was hoping to take intersession classes, but at the moment no money so I can’t.  Other than that, the last few semesters I’ve been scrambling enough to improve a lot on my work.  Hopefully I’ll make an animated short sometimes soon and maybe this summer I can finally get a script for a movie I plan on making.    Besides that, nothing new  happened.   Besides Jayme whos more like a friend with benefits, I hadn’t gone out on a date for awhile.  She’ll be coming down to San Jose to visit me soon since I hadn’t been to Frisco for awhile.  We’re gonna hang out before her graduation and then I’m gonna be spending all day with her on her graduation day which is soon and right before winter break.  In January she’ll be headed to Los Angeles for work and I might not see her for quite awhile.  Honestly though, I probably won’t miss her much.  We’re not close as we use to be anymore.  I stopped going to Frisco so I can’t hang out with anyone anymore.  As much as I like being there with the guys, I’m just not learning fast enough from teacher’s lectures.  The online classes I been taking has been vastly improving me so much I don’t want it to end.  Must make sacrifices for self improvements, but hopefully that won’t be too much of a sacrifice.

Oh…and I had a wierd dream last nite, or this morning even.   I cant remember what it is again, so thats the end of it. 😉

PS:  I been eatting poorly again.  Been eating just one big meal a day and its making me fat again.   Must make a mental note to get back on track. 🙂


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