Suspicious Faces

Well……………….there’s been stuff that came  up, but I’ve been lazy to write. 🙂   I even benched 300 lbs 2 weeks ago, which was a mile stone for me because it’s always been close to reality, but I tend to keep letting it drop away from my reach.  I would have been able to do that 3-4 summers ago but the rain messed everything up.  Anyhow, I finally did it though so that’s good. 🙂 I also found a new diet to lose weight.  Basically, its to EAT MORE!  The more I’ve been eating, the more weight I’ve been losing.  My metabolism has been sky rocketting, I lossed almost 20 lbs already.  I’m not even sure if thats a good thing or not haha. 

ANYHOWWWW…..time for the bad news.  Today my neighbor from the back came over to  our side of the neighborhood and gave us all flyers saying that he got robbed twice already this months so stay alert for any suspicious looking people.  The guy broke into his window from the backyard and could have came in from our yard.  Sometimes I see our gate to the backyard opened at night when it should have been closed.  At night when I go to take a piss or even take a giant  humongous ass tearing shit, I can hear something moving in the backyard.  Being half asleep and all, I didn’t care to check.  Maybe someone comes in at nite.  Who knows…

I’ve seen a few suspicious faces lurking around the area sometimes, but I don’t really give it much notice.   Sometimes I see this mexican guy riding his bike around our court area just looking around as I was about to leave.  Just last week I saw the same guy riding his bike up my neighbor’s driveway and dropped  it there.  He looked towards the front door all suspisciously then went towards the backyard, reached over and lodged it open.  When he saw me earlier, he looked at me and gestured a “whats up”,  so I reciprocated.   

Back to what happened again.  Later that day my next door neighbor came over.  He’s a white guy that rents my next door neighbor’s room.  He told us that the other guy gave him a flyer alerting him.   Well my mom was the one that got the message.  He told us to watch out, because some white guy came into the house, started eating stuff in the fridge and leaving shit on the table.   He came in and saw him during day light so that was pretty wierd.  He didn’t know who it was so he didn’t really say anything until the guy took off I think.  I’m not sure, my mom didn’t tell me the story really well.  Anyhow, the guy wasn’t sure whats happening, because my neighbor, they always border their rooms out to people all the time so…..its sometimes hard to tell who lives there with them.

My mom was arguing about it with me this morning when the guy gave us the flyer telling us to stay alert.  She’s all telling me dont even worry, why would someone go through our backyard to jump into someone’s house blah blah and that he should watch out for his own house.  I was like MOM!!! come on, it could happen to us, we watch their back they watch our back.  But man she keeps talking and talking making fun of me for considering it.  She’s like telling im dumb and letting him accuse us.  I told her, he’s not accusing  us, just telling us to stay cautious.   But noooOooo she wouldnt listen.  She’s my mom, and mom’s are always right.  Then finally when my next door neighbor told her about it, shes all scared.  SHOULD have listened to me in the first place. 🙂 

I’ve seen many more faces too.   There’s this black guy that looks like a bum.  He walks around our neighborhood and stops at these filipino family with rice rockets’ house and just walk around the car with no one there.  Of course though, on occasion I do see him talk to them so maybe he lives there with them?  Seems kinda wierd but hey, he probably does.   ANDD there’s this vietnamese kid I see once in awhile walking outside the street.  I saw him on Shadow Fax Rd harrassing a girl, when I came back half an hour later, he was hand cuffed by the cops that were there.   He came into our court area a few months ago and tried to still one of my neighbor’s honda emblem.  He would have gotten away with it if I wasn’t there I think.  He looked around the car all coy so I looked at him and slowly drove away.  He saw me and just sat down and lit a cig giving me an eye.  Minutes later I came back just to see if he’s still there.  I saw him walking around the back of the car again and I approached him.  He hopped on his bike tossed his cig on the ground and looked at me like a bitch and pedaled away.  

But yeah…..People BEWARE!


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