Alexs cute teacher

Alex’s cute teacher

I went to go bring Alex his food at the preschool today and man the kids there were extremely inquiring.  They kept asking me questions, blah blah blah.  It was really cute though, I kinda had fun.  This one kid kept asking me a buncha question.  “Are you alex’s dad?”  “Are you alex’s uncle?” “Do you know the teacher’s name?”  Man he kept was funny…haha  I kept answering too.  When I first got in the class, this little kid showed me his drawing, I gave him a thumbs up.  He came closer right next to me and started drawing and showing me more and he drew me and I was like wow nice blah blah… it was funny.  Anyways, I was hoping to see this teacher of his…. she’s fucking cute and beautiful.  All the kids there loved her, kept climbing her lap and sitting on it and kissed her and she’d kiss them back.   I actually talked to her the other day when Alex didn’t want to go home because Power Ranger was on.  That gave me a chance to sit down and just talk.  She took the innitiative to talk to me.  She was telling alex im waiting for him and blah blah and im like “Yeah Alex im waiting for you.” I said something pretty funny but I can’t remember and she laughed and started talking to me for a bit but then I left. Just a short convo but she seemed really nice.  As I was saying…. I didn’t see her today.  Only saw his old lady teachers which kinda sucked, but they were cool though, they talked to me when I was with alex giving him his lunch.  Still, I wish that chic was still there.  I usually see her everyday, but she gone bye bye that day. lol    O well im off to bed.

PS: I need more work and more money. 🙂


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