John and my left

John and my Left

Welp, I hadn’t boxed in a long time because I kept getting injuries.  Starting with a few months ago when I boxed Ciro.  He busted my chest and I couldn’t breathe right for awhile.  Pff lucky shot, I accidently ran into it. B-) Thennnnnnn I got sick.  I caught a stomache flew which made me puke everything for like a week, I lost an astonishing 20 lbs in njust a week.  Pretty crazy.. So it took awhile to get my weight back and into better health.  After that playing basketball, I suffered my worst ankle injury in my whole entire life.  Even after months and months it still haven’t completely healed yet.  The pain returns once in awhile.  Anyhow, it was horrible swollen and purple and god it looked nasty.  I literally couldn’t walk even when I tried.  It was as if I broke it!  My doctor wouldln’t let me get an xray and I’m kinda pissed.  He let this chic with just a pinky sprain get one and me I got a swollen fucking ankle thats twice the normal size and he wouldn’t let me get a fucking XRAY.  O well… Anyhow, I now suffer a sprained wrist which is healing slowly but surely while my ankle seem to have ceased healing.  I’ve been feeling this same pain everyday and let me tell you, its not going away at all anymore.    Today my brother and his friends came over to box.  At first it was only suppose to be me and John with me using only my left arm.  I some how injured my right wrist.  Woke up one morning and I couldnt twist it, when I did it hurt a lot.  But anyhow, I did box John today and with only my left arm I took care of business.  I knocked the air out of him.  I definately need to teach him how to fight because his punches really tickle me more than it does hurt me. 🙂  I even walked up to him and let him punch me all he wanted but to no avail did he even remotely hurt me.  I felt like a god. haha    Anyhow I wasted him pretty much with one hit to the chest.  He could barely breathe right there but I gave him one more and he couldnt even fight me anymore.  Fought Bang next, took him out also.   I sent him flying through the bushes. BWAHAHA.  Fought my little brother, I got over confident and he landed one good shot on me.  It didn’t hurt much really but it got me gasp for a second of air then I retaliated.  Didn’t wanna hurt him since he was my bro so I took a shot to his chest once and it was pretty much over, he went running away from me the whole fight. 🙂        

As for Kenny, I wanted to box him but I don’t thikn I would be able to fight him with just my left arm so I decided not to fight him today.  He is twice my size after all…I would need my good arm to fight him which I was really anxious to do. heh    Edison and this other dude I don’t know flaked, they didn’t even wanna fight anymore.  They came here to fight me but they just flaked….  Anyhow Kenny and Khoman fought.  It was a really wierd fight, more of a wrestling match then a boxing match.  Khoman went all crazy and grabbed kenny’s arm. haha if everything they did were legal, then Khoman won that fight.  It was  hilarouis, kenny got pushed all over the place and couldn’t hit khoman.  Khoman was just crazy….  But after seeing that fight, I’m confident I can take on Kenny now.  He doesn’t really know how to use his size and he didn’t know how to box.  And Khoman was almost an even match for him……..But anyhow, in conclusion, I took out 3 guys with just my left arm. 🙂  


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