Email from Jayme

Wow, this was out of the blues.  Jayme emailed me!  I hadn’t seen her in what? Months? a whole year?  I don’t know its been awhile.  Anyhow, it was freaking long…. didn’t know she had all this storm up in her noggin.haha  

Well……anyhow I won’t say everything but she explained to me why she didn’t want to go on vacation with Victor and I   and all that blah blah stuff.  Found out she was mad at me!  No wonder she sounded so cold when I asked her to come.  She told me she had a bf already when I asked her to come, but she was only saying that to piss me off because I upsetted her by not talking to her for so long and acted like an ass hole to her when im with other people.  Well she said everytime she saw me at school I never said hi to her.  But man I never saw her.  Well I did, but when I saw her she looked kinda snobby so I didn’t say anything to her and she saw me too.  She should have said something since she was around her friends so I didn’t wanna jump in.  So I think it was her fault.  She did all this to herself really….dumb girl.

Well anyhow shes graduating end of this semester and asked me to come to her grad so of course I’ll come.  I really miss that dumb blonde.  She found a job in Los Angeles and will be moving there soon after.  So I have now until then to hang out with her til she moves. 🙂  She said she’ll come back to San Jose as soon as she find a job down here, but hell I’m gonna move down there one day hopefully so she should stay there.  But yeah….I’ll come visit her once in awhile.  I’ll visit Ray also when I’m down there so its not too bad.  Anyhow….I wish I took classes in Frisco this semester.   All my friends graduated and it kinda sucks trying to make new friends down there, so I didn’t wanna go there anymore.  But yeah..I hadn’t replied to her yet.  Not sure if I should call her or not.  Maybe I’ll reply tomorrow.  Hopefully she’s forgiven me so we can do things together again before she leaves.  Man its been so long since I’ve actually talked to her.  That email made my day, but it still kinda sucks.  Everyone I know moves away and they leave with such short notice.  It’s like the world don’t want me to be happy or something. 

Speaking of happy, although I don’t think im religious, I pray to god every nite basically for a happy life doing whatever I’m doing later on and to be happier at the present.  Not sure if that’s too much to ask really, but I spend about 10 minutes before I sleep just hoping to god that thing goes right for me and my family.  As long as I try to believe in god to watch over me, I’ll have some faith.  Although religion don’t strike me right, I still have faith in it one way or another.  We’ll see though, we’ll see what happens.


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  2. Anonymous says :

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