Jipped like a Dumbass

Man, I’m such a fool.  Today I had this call from my school regarding my financial aid.  Apparently something was wrong with my tax papers so they had to verify everything like how much money my parents and I make.  I told them all the information to be fixed and hung up.  A few minutes later this agent on the phone claiming to be a worker at a government bureau called.   They were offering me an 8000-25,000 dollar grant out of the blues.  It’s given to a select few by the government so that it would help them in life a little bit, so I was thinking….wow this is awesome, my luck is starting again.  Pff bull shit…

Anyhow, like the dumbass I am, I gave them my check number and all that crap that they needed while they gave me all the bull shit crap that I need.  You know what?  Even though those were bull shit information, they left themself open for a smack.  I may be stupid, but I’m not THAT stupid.  Well…actually I probably am.haha  But I’m not a complete idiot though. 🙂  Well before we hung up I asked the guy for a website they can be found at.   He gave me a quick one so I’m like can you repeat that?  He said it hesitantly.  So I got a little more suspicious but I cant do anything about it.  I already gave them my information you know?  So I hung up and did some research on these guys…load and behold…..these mother fuckers were scamming my sorry ass.   If this was a movie……the camera would zoom away from me from the top as I look up in the sky with my fist raised up high screaming from the top of my lungs, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”  haha.  But nope, this isn’t a movie, this is reality.  And reality just reached in my pocket while I wasn’t looking.   After finding out everything was  a fraud, I didn’t even panick really, I just thought to myself “Well….I’ll be damned”,

I called the bank to file a dispute, sucked in my pride and told them what I foolishly did.  The lady kindly helped me as we exchanged information.  I told her what I found out and all that goody stuff and well hopefully it’s fixed w/out me having to open a different account.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled and watch out for something sneaky in my bank transactions.   Moral of the day….even if the bitch on the phone sound like a typical credit card hindu hoe, she’s smart enough to scam you.   And if her sophisticated linquistic white boss happens to sound just as convincing as she….don’t believe him either. 

Besides that….I started school today and its bleh… I’m gonna ace this semester.


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