Bad news today I suppose.  The fishes in my pond are about to all die.  Four just died and one is barely surviving so are filtered in their own tank in order for it to not infect the other fishies who are also in critical condition.  These are really expensive fishes here..

There are all sorts of koi’s in the pond and they varie from 25 dollars to 500 dollars a body.  We just lost about 400 bucks worth of fishies.  😦

Anyhow, my dad was the one that did this I guess.  He came home to clean the pond and left the water hose there too long and forgot about it.  It flooded the pond and almost cleansed out the fish water with tap water which stopped the oxygen flow and all the other required medicine that were in the pond.  The fishes are trying to survive on tap water which could kill them soon.  They’re all up on the surface trying to get air.  We’re waiting til 12:30am until my brother’s friend comes home so we can use their medicine.  This really sucks but whats worst is that my mom and brother are bitching at my dad.  I honestly don’t think they should be bitching at him for making the mistake.  I mean it’s cool that they’re upset and all but they shouldn’t completely blame him for it.  He was just trying to take care of the fishies. While he was trying to clean and take care of the pond, he kept getting interupted in doing errands for people and it’s a likely mistake since he’s forced to multi task.  He knows that he made a mistake and he’s upset too so back off him.

People need to think before they say things.  My brother was all bitching about my dad how he’s dumb and needs to think before he does thing.  Hey…come on now you’d do that kinda thing too.  You should think yourself before you even say that.  Be more considerate geesh.  I just stood there listening ignoring him and just wanted to smack him.  My mom comes out and yaps on and on about praying for it all to die in the morning.  She kept saying things to my dad yelling at him and calling him stupid and all that crap.  I’m like come on mom!!  He just forgot, it’s not like he did this intentional.  She wouldn’t shut up so i just stayed quiet and then got a little irritated and just went SHHHHHH.  She finally went   But yeah… my dad was already sad with his hand on his chin sitting on the bench and they kept making him more upset saying how dumb he was.  God…that’s so fucking disrespectful.  The man works so hard to do things for people and he gets tossed around too much.  I hate how nice guys(including myself)  always get disrespected because we’re considerate enough to keep our mouth shut in spite of people’s feelings.  I run through these problems a lot and it hurts you know…and it pisses me off when I see someone getting bitched at for something so inevitable.

You know how people say you need to be a man and speak up?  Well you also need to be a man and shut up and stop bitching.  My dad don’t rebuttle or argue when he knows its useless.  Most the time arguments ARE useless and it just gets you and the other person even more pissed off. 

It’s ok to vent, but come on think about how the other person is feeling.  How would you like it if you made a mistake and everyone kept nagging you about it?  You’d feel like shit, I know I would.   You don’t make a person feel like shit unless you fucking hate the person.  blah blah blah I’ll shut up now or I won’t ever stop. 

And on a side note….small comments do bug, oh yes they do.


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